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Pokemon GO, GO rocket team takeover event. Messiah Kojirou in Meowth Balloon also increases-Engadget Japan

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<p>Pokemon GO</p>
<p>At Pokemon GO, the GO Rocket Team Pokestop hijacking event has started again.</p>
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This time, the new element "GO Rocket Balloon" will also increase, and more Musashi and Kojirou will ride on the Meowth balloon.


GO Rocket Team Takeover Event Overview (July 12, 2020)

Date and time

・From 12:00 to 14:00 on July 12, 2020


・GO Rocket Team takes over all Pokestops

・GO rocket team balloons frequently appear in the sky

・Probability of appearance of Musas and Kojirou of Meowth balloons is higher than usual

・The Hoshino Sun of the reward that defeated the GO Rocket team is doubled

・The music of the rocket group plays in BGM

・Machine special, you can rewrite "around" to a new purpose

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<p>Pokemon GO</p>
<p>Although a large number of balloons are floating in the image, it seems that multiple balloons do not appear at the same time even during the event period, it seems to be about once every few minutes to 20 minutes. (Meowth balloons are counted separately?)</p>
<p>Until July 15th, the GO Fest Battle Challenge is being held, so it's a good time to accomplish the task of defeating Shippa.</p>
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#Pokemon GO Musashi and Kojirou, who are mixed in with each other, are more than anything else. Is the 3D model compatible with Mewtwo's counterattack EVOLUTION?

— Ittousai⚙️ (@Ittousai_ej) July 10, 2020

Pokemon GO

Engadget Japan

Musashi and Kojirou appear in Pokemon GO, appearing on a Meowth balloon

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<p>Pokemon GO</p>
<p>"GO Rocket Box" is also available at the shop. In addition to Genki's lumps and Mantan's medicine for battle x 10, rocket radar x 4 without the need to collect tips, super pushy socks that justify the price.</p>
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