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Pokemon GO is a free get promotion only for Spabo and Zuri. Until 17:00 on the 26th in Japan-Engadget Japan version

PoekmonGO_Promotion"That" promo code has been issued at Pokemon GO. By inputting a specific code (details will be described later), you can get 20 Super Balls and 20 Zuri only for free.

However, this promotion is for a limited time only. In Japan time, it will be until 17:00 on Sunday, April 26, 2020. There are no other conditions, so get early.

This promotion was announced on Niantic's official tweet. The promotion code is "MDWC4SNGUFXS2SW9" in the tweet.


The input method is different for Android version and iOS version. The Android version allows you to enter directly in the game app, which saves time and effort, so a trainer (player) who is playing on both OS's will find the Android version easier.

In the Android version, you can enter from the "Promotion" column at the bottom of the "Shop" menu in the Pokemon GO app.
At this time, depending on the model, the characters "Please enter the code" have been entered. In that case, delete them before entering.


If the entered code is correct, only Super Bowl and Zuri will suddenly appear, as in the screen above.

iOS version is also available in the corresponding tweets via a web browser Visit the page and enter the code from there. To access this page, you need to authenticate with the account used by Pokemon GO.

If you play Pokemon GO after input, the code will be reflected.

By the way, until 17 o'clock (Japan time) on April 25, it is during a community day event with a lot of cases. Casey has a slightly lower capture rate with monster balls if the CP value is high, and for those who are playing at home, Super Ball and Zuri are actually more delightful items than usual.

In addition, even with trainers who say that it is too much for normal play … nowadays many people are at home and there should be plenty of room for items. It's free, so be sure to get it.

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