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Pokemon GO January event announcement. Shadow fire, hydran, special Laplace, hat chemusso and sonance-engadget japan version

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has announced an event schedule for January 2020.

In special research fighting the boss of the GO Rocket Team,Shadow fire"Appearance, crawling for the first time in about a year"Heedran"Etc. are contents that could be expected.

In addition, the reward of the great discovery of field research isSpecial LaplaceAt the Egg MarathonIsh's Reward,Pikachu Kemusso Sonance with pointed hatThere are also new interests and new Pokemon.

  1. GO Rocket Team's "Special Research"
  2. “ Laplace '' that remembered “ Knot of the nose '' or “ Reito beam '' appeared in “ Great discovery '' in January
  3. "Egg Marathon" that you can enjoy in "Adventure mode anytime"
  4. "Head Run" returns to "Legend Raid Battle"
  5. New Isch Pokémon Appear

Compress official announcements into bullets and supplement as needed.

GO Rocket Team's "Special Research"

・ “Shadow Fire” appears in special research fighting Sakaki GO Rocket Team

Special research to fight the GO Rocket Team is delivered once a month. If you're currently working on "Get the Hidden Truth Out!", The next rocket special research will begin as soon as it ends in January.

“ Laplace '' that remembered “ Knot of the nose '' or “ Reito beam '' appeared in “ Great discovery '' in January

Pokemon GO

・ From early morning of January 2 to February 1
・ Laplace which learned special work appeared with great discovery reward for 7 days of field research

Until the switchover, one of the great discovery rewards of December, Fire Thunder Freezer Gradidon Kyogre, will appear.

Depending on the number of remaining stamps, you can hurry to get the legendary Pokemon or dare to delay and get a Laito Beam / Kori-no-Katatsu Laplace immediately.

"Egg Marathon" that you can enjoy in "Adventure mode anytime"

・ From early morning of January 3 to January 16
・ If you walk with the adventure mode on at any time, you can get additional bonuses depending on the distance.
・ A Pokémon with a pointed hat appears in the wild, raid, and egg
・ Pikachu, Pichu, Latta, Chemusso, Sonance

"Head Run" returns to "Legend Raid Battle"

・ From January 8 to February 4
-Hydran including the first appearance of different colors appears legendary raid boss

Pokemon GO, the legendary raid is truly "Head Run". Crawling until January 15(At the time of appearance in 2018)

New Isch Pokémon Appear

The specific schedule and race name are unknown. It is an atmosphere where Kibago, Kulmill and Pendler are likely to come.

Community Day to be held on Sunday, January 19, 2020

It has already been announced that the Community Day in January will be the 19th. The time is from 11:00 to 14:00.

Pokemon that occurs in large quantities has not been announced. Pochamas should be chosen soon after Naetor Hikozal, but could be another Pokémon such as Hukamaru.

Let's celebrate the new year with the January event! -Pokémon GO

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