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Pokémon GO: No.181 How to obtain Denryu, different colors, weaknesses and countermeasures (Adult Pokemon Re-Introduction Guide)-Engadget Japan Version

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National encyclopedia number:No.181 (Jouto region, 2nd generation)
First appearance:"Pokemon Gold and Silver" (Game Boy 1999
Classification:Light pokemon
English name:Ampharos

Explanation of picture book

“Denryu's light can be seen from the universe. Old people used Denryu's light to send signals to distant friends.”

In-game data

evolution:Merip (25 American Merip) Mokoko (100 American Merip) Denryu
Different colors:Yes
Weather boost:rain
Weaknesses:Noodles (× 1.6)
Resistance:Electric power, Hiko, and steel (× 0.625)
Race value:HP207, attack 211, defense 169

How to obtain Denryu (as of December 2019):

・ Melipe hatched from 5km egg.
・ Evolution from meleep and mococo.

Denryu countermeasure Pokemon:

Number Name (Example of recommended technique)

383 Gradon(Mad Shot / Jinshin)
464 Dedison(Drokkake / Jishin)
112 Sideon(Drokkake / Jishin)

The weak point is only “Jimen” type. Pokémon that have a high attack racial value, such as Gradon and Dashidon, and are capable of attacking noodles, are best. If you don't have a dashdon, you can substitute a dawn before evolution. Both Gradon and Dashidon are noodle-type Pokémon, so they are resistant to the wood-type skill used by Sanders.

If you don't have a strong “jimen” type, you can use a strong Pokémon that does n’t have a weakness in the electric type.

Pokemon GO: No.383 How to get Gladon
Pokémon GO: No.464

Denryu battle rating: Yes

Pokemon with a high overall race value. If you arrange with the electric type of skill, the electric type will play an active role in the “Mizu / Hiko” type, which is a weak point. However, since the pre-evolutionary melee rarely appears in the wild and it is difficult to cultivate it, if you want to grow an electric type of Pokemon, we recommend Pokemon that can be easily grown such as Sanders.

Recommended technique composition:

Charge beam / Denjiho
Bolt change (Denki) / Ryu no hana (Dragon)

* "Ryu no Hado" is a legacy technique (a technique that cannot be memorized newly).

Latest Pokemon GO News List

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<p><a href=Pokemon officialType compatibility table. Roughly speaking, “Batsugun!” Is about 1.6 times. Approximately 2.5 times when both types are weak (double weak). (Example: Attack with “Iwa” against the freezer of “Kori / Hiko”)

Tolerance is about 0.63 times "Imaichi". “No effect” is reduced by about 0.4 times in Pokemon GO, but the damage passes.

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