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Pokémon GO: No.255 How to Get Achamo / Color Differences and Weaknesses / Countermeasures (Adult Pokémon Re-Introduction Guide)-Engadget Japan Version

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National encyclopedia number:No.255 (Houen district, 3rd generation)
First appearance:"Pocket Monster Ruby Sapphire" Gameboy Advice 2002
Classification:Chick pokemon
English name:Torchic

Explanation of picture book

“I walked a little bit with my trainer. The flames from my mouth are 1000 degrees Celsius.

In-game data

evolution:Achamo (25 Achamo candy) Wakashamo (100 Achamo candy)Bashamo
Different colors:Yes
Weather boost:Clear sky
Weaknesses:Iwa / Jen / Mizu (× 1.6)
Resistance:Kusa / Koori / Fairy / Mushi / Hagane / Hono (× 0.625)
Race value:HP128, attack 130, defense 87

How to get Achamo (as of December 2019):

・ Achamo hatched from 2km egg.
・ Appears in the wild.

Anti-chamo Pokemon:

Number Name (Example of recommended technique)

150 Mewtwo(Nenriki / Psychokinesis)
065 Hoodin(Nenriki / Miraiichi)
382 Kyogre(Takinobori / Hydropump)
130 Gallados(Takinobori / Hydropump)
006 Charizard(Air slash / overheat)

The weaknesses of Achamo are Mizu, Hiko, Jimeen, and Esper type (1.6 times each). We recommend Mewtwo and Hoodin, which have a high attacking racial value if you are attacking with the Esper type, and Kaigre or Garados if you are the Mizu type.

Charchadon's cheerful type is resistant, and Charizard's weakness is also effective with the trick type technique. However, if Achamo remembers the wrinkle type of cancer, it will take advantage of Charizard's weakness. However, I think that even if you push it, you will be able to fight from start to finish.

Pokemon GO: No.150 Mewtwo
Pokémon GO: No.065 How to get hoodin and measures

Achamo battle rating: unsuitable

Achamo is not suitable for battle because it is a Pokemon before evolution. However, if you evolve to Bashamo, it will be an excellent attacker that can be operated with either the cheerful type or the cheerful type. It is the strongest class, especially in the cheek type.

If you use the same type of technique, you will be able to play an active part in “Koori” type Pokémon matches such as Resistil. Blastburn, a community-day-only technique, is a type of 2-gauge powerful special attack that is easy to use.

In the case of the unification of the type of skill, the strongest Kairi key of the attack type and the pure attack power to Hariteyama will yield, but it is a weak type of weakness because of the complex type of “Hono-Kakuto”. There is an advantage that a certain fairy type skill can be received at the same magnification. Therefore, against the hapinas that are always placed in the gym defense, it is a good match of attack advantage, defense, etc.

In addition, both cheek type and craft type skills can be used as metagloss countermeasure Pokémon, which is often placed in the gym, in order to add the weakness of the steel type.

Recommended technique composition:

Hinoko / Kaen Hoshi (Hono)
Hinoko / Ganseki Fuji (Iwa)

Pokémon GO: No.257 Bashermo How to Obtain, Different Colors and Countermeasures (Adult Pokemon Re-Introduction Guide)

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<p><a href=Pokemon officialType compatibility table. Roughly speaking, “Batsugun!” Is about 1.6 times. Approximately 2.5 times when both types are weak (double weak). (Example: Attack with “Iwa” against the freezer of “Kori / Hiko”)

Tolerance is about 0.63 times "Imaichi". “No effect” is reduced by about 0.4 times in Pokemon GO, but the damage passes.

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