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Pokemon GO: No.330 How to get Flygon, Color Differences and Weaknesses, Countermeasures (Adult Pokemon Re-Introduction Guide)-Engadget Japan Version

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National encyclopedia number:No.330 (Houen district, 3rd generation)
First appearance:"Pocket Monster Ruby Sapphire" Gameboy Advice 2002
Classification:Sei pokemon
English name:Flygon

Explanation of picture book

“A Pokemon called the Desert Spirit. When flying, it ’s always in a sandstorm.”

In-game data

evolution:Knuckler (25 Knuckler candy) Vibrava (100 Knuckler candy) Flygon
Different colors:Yes
type:Jimen / Dragon
Weather boost:Clear sky
Weaknesses:Koori (× 2.56), Fairy Dragon (× 1.6)
Resistance:Electric power (× 0.244), Doku / Iwa / Hono (× 0.625)
Race value:HP190, attack 205, defense 168

How to obtain Flygon (as of December 2019):

・ Knackler hatches from 5km egg.
・ Evolution from Knuckler and Vibrava.
・ Appears very rarely in the wild.

Flygon countermeasure Pokemon:

Number Name (Example of recommended technique)

473 Manmu(Konayuki / Yukinada)
471 Glacier(Ibuki Koori / Yukinada)
461 Maneuver(Crushing Koori / Yukinada)
150 Mewtwo(Psycho cutter / Reit beam)
151 Cairyu(Dragon Tail / Gekirin)

Since Flygon has a double weakness in the type of technique, we recommend the type of mango, gracia, and maneuver. If you don't have a powerful bookmark, a dragon-type Pokémon such as Mewtwo, who remembers the beam, or Kairyu is effective.

However, since dragon-type Pokemon has a weakness in dragon-type skills, if the fly gon uses “Dragon Tail”, it is better to use the Pokemon type.

Pokemon GO: No.473 How to get Manmu, different colors and countermeasures
Pokémon GO: No.471 How to get Glacier
Pokémon GO: No.461
Pokemon GO: No. 150 Mewtwo

Flygon battle rating: Yes

A rare composite type Pokemon called Jimen / Dragon. Although the racial value is higher than the average, there are many other powerful Pokémons, whether you look at the noodle type or the dragon type, so you don't need to nurture them. It is excellent as a countermeasure Pokemon for Hagane and Electric type Pokemon.

Recommended technique composition:

Mad Shot / Jimen
Dragon Tail (Dragon) / Stone Edge (Iwa)

Latest Pokemon GO News List

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<p><a href=Pokemon officialType compatibility table. Roughly speaking, “Batsugun!” Is about 1.6 times. Approximately 2.5 times when both types are weak (double weak). (Example: Attack with “Iwa” against the freezer of “Kori / Hiko”)

Tolerance is about 0.63 times "Imaichi". “No effect” is reduced by about 0.4 times in Pokemon GO, but the damage passes.

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