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Pokemon GO: No.393 How to Obtain Pochama, Different Colors, Weaknesses, and Countermeasures (Adult Pokemon Re-Introduction Guide)

Pokemon GO is a fusion of the latest mobile AR and popular Pocket Monsters for generations. This is a Pokémon Pokédex for adults that summarizes only the main points for former trainers who play Pokémon after a long absence and this is the first Pokémon game.

This time, the Shin-Omika family's type "Pochama".


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No.393 Pocama

National Book Number:No.393 (Shinou region, 4th generation)
First appearance:"Pokemon Diamond and Pearl" Nintendo DS 2006
Classification:Penguin pokemon
English name:Piplup

Explanation of picture book

"I hate getting food from people because of my high pride. Long hair growth prevents the cold."

In-game data

evolution:Poctama (25 Pocama candy) Pottaishi (100 Pocama candy) empert
Different colors:Implemented from Community Day in January 2020
Weather Boost:rain
Weakness:Electricity / Kusa (× 1.6)
Resistance:Water, koori, gaane, hono (× 0.625)
Race value:HP142 ・ Attack112 ・ Defense102

How to get Pocama (as of January 2020):

・ Hatch from 2km egg
・ Appears in the wild
・ Appears as a community day limited field research reward

Pochama Prevention Pokémon:

Number Name (example of recommended technique)

386 Deoxys(Attack) (Shinen Nozoki / Denjiho)
466 Electric(Electric shock / Wild bolt)
243 Raikou(Electric shock / Wild bolt)
407 Roslaid(Happa cutter / Solar beam)
145 Thunder(Electric shock / Electric shock)

Since it is a Pokemon before evolution, it will not be a strong enemy in battle. Speaking of the type, Pochama's weak point is that it is a Denki / Kusa type attack, so Electric type, Raikou, Thunder, etc., which are electric type ace attackers with high attack racial values, are effective. If the attack type of Deoxys remembers "Denjiho", you can advance the battle with overwhelming attack power.

If you don't have an electric-type Pokémon, you will be able to favorably battle battle-type Pokémon, such as Roslaid, because they have weak points and are resistant to water-type attacks.

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Pokémon GO: No.466 Electric
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Pokémon GO: No.145 Thunder

* Thunder's "Electric shock" is a legacy technique (a technique that cannot be newly learned at present).

Pochama Battle Rating: Not Suitable

The pre-evolution Pochama is not suitable for battle. The evolved Empert is a very rare "Water / Hanegae" type Pokemon (Empert only at the moment), it grows into a Pokemon with 11 types of resistance and no double weakness. If you do not have a worm-type strong attacker such as a kiogre, it is recommended to cultivate it.

Recommended technique composition:

Bubble (Mizu) / Bubble Kosen (Mizu)
Bubble (water)

Speaking of Pocama:


One of the three Pokémons first selected in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (Shin-Oh) together with Hikozaru and Naetl.

Pokemon is a popular penguin motif that is quite cute, but in the illustrated book, "Pride is high and I hate getting food from people" "I hate being taken care of There is also a view of the evolved prince and emperor.

Although the exact origin of the name is unknown, it is associated with a bocha (who grows up to a noble position), a simulated sound of water splashing, a round chubby.

"Piplup" in English and similar languages. Plop is a name similar to Japanese because it is an onomatopoeic sound of water splashing. Potterish after evolution is Prinplup. It comes with Prince / Prin of Prince.

At Pokemon GO, the last of the three Shinou families will occur on Community Day on January 19, 2020. What Empert has evolved by 16 o'clock remembers the powerful work of the water type "Hydrocanon". Different colors are also coming from Community Day.

Latest Pokemon GO News List

Pokemon GO

Pokemon formulaType compatibility table. Roughly, "Batsugun!" Is about 1.6 times. When both are weak points (double weak points), about 2.5 times. (Example: Attack the freezer of "Koori / Hikou" with "Iwa")

About 0.63 times as good as the other ones. "No effect" can be reduced by about 0.4 times with Pokemon GO, but the damage passes.


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