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Pokemon GO: No.539 How to Get Dageki, Different Colors, Weaknesses, and Countermeasures (Adult Pokemon Re-Introduction Guide)-Engadget Japan Version

Pokemon GO is a fusion of the latest mobile AR and popular Pocket Monsters for generations. This is a Pokémon Pokédex for adults, who summarizes only the main points for former trainers who play Pokémon after a long absence and this is the first Pokémon game.

This time, it ’s the “Dageki” type.


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No.539 Dageki

National Book Number:No.539 (Ish region, 5th generation)
First appearance:"Pocket Monster Black / White" Nintendo DS 2010
English name:Sawk

Explanation of picture book

"Tightening the obi will increase the punch and increase the destructive power of the punch.

In-game data

Different colors:Unimplemented
Weather Boost:Cloudy
Weakness:Hiko Fairy Esper (× 1.6)
Resistance:Aku / Iwa / Mushi (× 0.625)
Race value:HP181 ・ Attack231 ・ Defense153

How to get Dageki (as of February 2020):

Dageki is a Pokémon limited to the area. It usually only occurs in Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East, including eggs.

Nageki to be paired is limited to the Americas and Africa.

・ Hatch from 10km egg.
-Appears occasionally in the wild.

Anti-Dageki Pokemon:

Number Name (example of recommended technique)

150 Mewtwo(Nenriki / Psychokinesis)
249 Lugia(Jintsuri / Godbird)
384 Rekuza(Air slash / swallow)
196 efi(Nenriki / Miraiichi)
065 Hoodin(Nenriki / Miraiichi)

It is recommended that the sword be attacked with an Esper type Pokemon. If there is no legendary class such as Mewtwo or Lugia, Hoodin and Efi who are Esper type and have high racial value of attack will be active.

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Battle of Dageki: Yes

A Pokémon with a high attacking racial value. If you don't have a certain type of ace attacker like Kairikey or Hariteyama, you can use it instead. Normal types such as Happinas and Snorlax that are often placed in the gym can be damaged by "Effect Batsugun (1.6 times)".

However, when it comes to low durability and practicality, there is currently no sole role in a trainer battle or gym raid.

Recommended technique composition:

Kekuguri (Kakuto) / Kiitama (Kakuto)
Dokuzuki (Kakuto)

Speaking of dageki:

Pokemon that is paired with Nageki. It is similar to Sawamura / Ebiwarah.
There are images of red demon and blue demon. Nageki is a throw + demon.

The English name Sawk comes from the verb Sock. Nageki changed the spelling of Throw, "Throh".

It is limited to the region along with its partner Nageki, and Dageki is available only in Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. Nageki is only available in the Americas and Africa. Eggs only hatch from the local area. (As of February 2020)

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon formulaType compatibility table. Roughly, "Batsugun!" Is about 1.6 times. When both are weak points (double weak points), about 2.5 times. (Example: Attack the freezer of "Koori / Hikou" with "Iwa")

About 0.63 times as good as the other ones. "No effect" can be reduced by about 0.4 times with Pokemon GO, but the damage passes.


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