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Pokemon GO, outbreak of rhinoceros from 11:00 on 22nd. Community Day Until 14:00-Engadget Japan Version

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO's monthly event "Community Day" will start at 11:00 on February 22nd.

Massive outbreaks are "thorny thorns Pokémon", or horns. By evolving to "Dosdon" by 16 o'clock, you will learn a special work "Ganseki".

The bonus is three times as much as the capture. This is an opportunity to aim for the first appearance of the different color horn series while earning some sand.

Pokemon GO "Community Day" Event Overview (February 2020)

Date and time
・ February 22, 2020 11: 00-14: 00

Pokemon GO

・ A large number of rhinohorns
・ Addition of different colors for the siphon system
・ "Dosdon" evolved within 2 hours after the end of the mass outbreak specially learns "Ganseki"
・ Hoshinosunaga is 3 times the time of Pokemon capture
・ Lure module duration increased to 3 hours
Pokemon GO

In order to evolve from Saidon to Dosaidon, you need not only candy but also the evolution item "Shinou no Ishi".

By participating in the competitive GO Battle League by 23:59 p.m. on February 22, 2020, and performing one set of 5 battles, a bonus will be provided for Shin-Oh's Ishi regardless of the win or loss. The same applies to both normal rewards and premium rewards that consume battle passes.

(However, it seems that Shin-Oh's bug has a problem that he can not get after completing one set of battles).

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