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Pokemon GO, the legendary “Tourneros” raid hour from 18:00 on March 12. Weaknesses and measures-Engadget Japan version

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO will hold an event called “Legendary Raid Hour” on February 12 (Wednesday), in which many of the Senpo Pokemon “Torneros” will appear as star 5 raid bosses. The time is from 18:00 to 19:00.

Pokemon GO

In the main story Pokemon, both the bolt thunder like the thunder god and the land god Landros first appeared in Nintendo DS's "Pocket Monster Black White" (Ish region, 5th generation).

Pokemon also has a bird-like "Reiju form", but it appears in Pokemon GO as a "Kenshin form" with a humanoid lower body hidden in clouds.

The appearance as a legendary raid bossUntil February 25, 2020. If you miss the 12th, there will be only a 19th (Wed) when the legendary reid hour will be held.

Weaknesses and measures for torneros

Torneros is a very rare "Hiko" single type Pokemon.

Weaknesses: Electricity, Iwa, Koori
Tolerance: Ishikin (double resistance), worm, kakuto, kusa

As a countermeasure, strong electric type Pokemon, Jibacoil, Raikou, Thunder etc. which are compatible with both attack and defense are stable.

Loquat-type rampardos and bangiras are also active, but if you encounter an individual who uses "Kusamusubi" in a special attack, it is dangerous because it will be exploited.

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Should Torneros overfish and breed?

Pokemon GO

Torneros is not well-developed at the moment, and he has little chance of playing in a gym or raid battle because of his durability, which is inferior to that of a powerful rival "hiko" attacker.

Even in a match, at least in the current environment, it is difficult to become a priority target for breeding because of poor durability, compatibility with other powerful Pokemon, and poor work.

Until there is a significant change in balance and mastery of powerful work, it is not a frame to use because it is strong, but a frame to use because you like it.

Click here for details.

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