"Pokémon Sword Shield" announces paid additional contents "Isolated Island" & "Crown Snow Field"


"Pokémon Sword Shield" announces paid additional contents "Isolated Island" & "Crown Snow Field"

Nintendo will deliver the latest information related to the Pokemon series from 23:30 on Thursday, January 9, 2020 “Pokémon Direct 2020.1.9Was broadcast. In the broadcast, it appeared for Nintendo DS and Game Boy AdvancePokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team / Red Rescue TeamIs a remake of "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, And additional paid content for Pokémon Sword Shield have been announced.

Pokémon Direct 2020.1.9 | Nintendo

You can watch the live stream of "Pokémon Direct 2020.1.9" from the following.

Pokémon Direct 2020.1.9-YouTube

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Year 2005

"Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team / Red Rescue Team" has been released.

And 2020.

Remake version of "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team / Red Rescue Team" …

"Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Rescue Team DX" will appear on Nintendo Switch.

The game screen looks like this.

About 15 years ago (2005), a remake version of “ Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Blue Rescue Team / Red Rescue Team '' that appeared in Nintendo DS and Advance was set as “ Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Rescue Team DX '' . On sale March 6, 2020, the price is 5980 yen excluding tax.

Trial version distribution starts after the end of direct. The trial version save data can be transferred to the product version.

Then, game freaks Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Omori appeared.

Announced “Expansion Pass”, a paid additional content for “Pokémon Sword Shield”, the latest in the Pokémon series.

The Expansion Pass is an additional content that can be played from the existing Sword Shield.

Many illustrations about the expansion pass and a lot of game videos under development will be released.

Land we have never seen

Something new from Yadon's Garal.

The evolved figure is also different from normal.

Characters I have never seen

Clothing you have never seen

Hairstyles I've never seen

Accessories you've never seen

Bicycle never seen

And a familiar Pokemon figure.

Fushigibana and Kamex …

The evolution of Kyodai Max

This is the final evolution of Sarnori Hibani Messon …



Inteleon …

Each of Kyodai Max.

The overall picture of the Galal region has been further expanded …

Adventures in wilderness are possible.

With the legendary Pokémon you know …

A Pokemon you have never seen.

It seems that Jadran is also prepared with Garal's shape.

The first legendary Pokémon, Pokémon that look like Fire Thunder Freezer. Is it the end of the garals or a completely new Pokemon?

The first expansion pass is "Isolated Island of Armor" and the second is "Snow Field of the Crown".

In addition, a mysterious Pokemon figure.

The first "Island of Armor" is scheduled to be delivered by the end of June 2020, and the second "Snowfield of the Crown" will be delivered in the fall of 2020.

In addition, the expansion pass has different pokemon and characters appearing on the sword and shield.

Hiroyuki Tani of Game Freak will introduce the details of the expansion pass.

The theme of “Isolated Island” is “Growth”

The stage of the story is "Yoroijima"

The protagonists also redesigned.

The protagonist will be apprenticed to a mustard who is the teacher of Champion Dandé.

Clara on the sword as a new rival.

Savory appears in the shield.

Legendary Pokemon that holds the key to the story

Dakuma also appeared

Dakuma has evolved into Woolaos, which has two types of "katas".

The type of Iraqi-ki of Ulaos is irreversible.

As for the person of the renge, the type is the worm.

Furthermore, the shape of Kyodai Max of Ulaos is this.

In addition, on the island of armor, Gorirander Aceburn Interleon …

It will be able to evolve much more than Kyodai Max.

In addition, new elements such as a completely new work appearing as "teaching work", "bonguri" which is the material of the ball, and "kekenomori" which allows you to get more kekenichi also appear.

Clothes and vehicles

A new Kyodai Max Pokemon will also appear.

And the theme of the second expansion pass, "Snowfield in the Crown" is "Inquiry"

The setting of the story in the Snowy Field of the Crown is "Kamuri Setsugen".

The protagonist will be appointed captain of an expedition that will explore the Kumuri Setsugen, and will be challenged to meet new Pokemon in new lands.

One such new Pokemon is the legendary Pokemon Badrex. The type is Esper Kusa.

A new cooperative play also appeared.

It will be a new play to explore Pokemon's nest.

Legendary Pokémon, such as Mewtwo …

You will be able to meet all of them.

In addition, a new legendary Pokemon also appeared.

The expansion pass will add more than 100 different dress up items.

In addition, it is possible to challenge new tournaments.

Both "Yoroijima" and "Kamuri Setsugen" are areas where multiple Pokemon & Daimax Pokemon appear on a vast land like a wild area.

And in the expansion pass, a total of more than 200 types of Pokemon newly appeared.

As a result, a free update will be implemented, and users without an expansion pass will be able to obtain new Pokemon through communication exchanges.

In addition, Pokemon HOME, which will allow you to bring Pokemon from Poke Bank and Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu Eevee, will appear, so you will be able to adventure with more Pokemon.

Pokémon HOME will be launched in February 2020.

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