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Polestar's new concept car presents a new luxury car image with advanced technology and recycled materials-Engadget Japan version

Polestar PreceptPolestar, an independent luxury car brand from the Swedish car company Volvo, has announced a new concept car, the Precept. Given the name of "learning," the electric vehicle is polestar's "everything", including advanced HMI [human-machine interface], the use of environmentally friendly recycled materials, and a new design language. The company's CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, says it is a "declaration" that states a vision for the not-so-distant future.

Polestar Precept

Looking at the design of this four-door coupe, Paulstar announced after independence “ Polestar 1 '' and “Pole star 2"Is a clear difference. To date, Polestar has appeared to be under the influence of Volvo's established design language in recent years. For example, the two-door coupe Polestar 1 [pictured below] is based on the "Concept Coupe" announced by Volvo in 2013.

Polestar 1

However, it was originally a work by Ingenrath, then Vice President of Design at Volvo. According to Ingenlath, a Volvo designer who was elected CEO of Polestar, what Paulstar has adopted so far is not “ Volvo design '' but “ My design '' Let's go.

Polestar Precept

In the precept announced this time, the square front grille that strongly felt the commonality with Volvo was abolished. The overall style is also weakened by Volvo's traditional straight-line tone, with flowing curves everywhere. The tall hammer-type headlights, derived from Scandinavian mythology, have a new style, with the motif inherited but split vertically.

The bonnet has a wing shape that connects the left and right fenders. The LED tail lamps, which span the entire width of the rear, are vertical at both ends of the body, and the body panels in this area serve to regulate airflow.

Polestar Precept

"We don't look back at the history of the car, but rely on today's advanced technology," said Maximilian Missoni, the designer in charge of the design. It sounds a bit worrisome, as it sounds like it was applied to Ingenlath, who once said that he was inspired by the P1800 in the 1960s when designing a concept coupe in Volvo. Does the boss have the feeling of wanting to resign from the design field and concentrate on management? By the way, Ingenrath was born in 1964 and is 56 years old this year. Missoni is only in her forties.

Regardless, Missoni says, "We see technology as a means and tool to solve problems in society. We have translated this idea into a new design principle: eco-friendly materials and Polestar will take the initiative in seeing a high-tech, smart system that opens up a new page with a fresh, upscale design. "

Polestar Precept

Electric vehicles do not need a front grill to draw air into traditional radiators or internal combustion engines. Instead, Precept has a signal-transmitting panel at the tip of the car's nose, behind which two radar sensors and a high-definition camera are mounted. Of course, this is for the driving support function. Polestar calls this part "SmartZone" rather than a grill.

Polestar Precept

For the same purpose, the glass roof is equipped with a LIDAR pod that senses the surrounding conditions. There are no side mirrors or rearview mirrors. Instead, small cameras are mounted on both sides and behind the vehicle, and the images are displayed on the monitor inside the vehicle. This eliminates the need for a rear window to see the rear view. Instead, a huge tailgate with a hinge behind the roof is adopted. The large opening allows easy loading and unloading of luggage. The large single-pane glass used for the roof ensures that the rear seats have plenty of sunlight without the rear window.

Polestar Precept

The eco-friendly interior uses resin made of flax fiber by Bcomp on the back of the interior panels and seats. This is expected to reduce weight by up to 50% and waste plastic by 80%. 3D knit fabric made from 100% recycled PET bottles is used for the seat skin. The side support and headrest of the seat are made of a vinyl material made from wine corks. Carpet nylon is made from recycled fishing nets.

Polestar claims that the combination of these materials with digital techniques can define a new premium luxury that goes beyond traditional leather and wood and chrome-rich interiors.

Polestar Precept

The HMI, which combines a 15-inch vertical touch screen on the center console with a 12.5-inch digital instrument panel, uses an Android-based system jointly developed with Google. A function that tracks the movement of the driver's eyes and a sensor that senses the distance between the screen and the driver are also employed, making it possible to always provide the best display for easy viewing.

Polestar Precept

It is unlikely that this beautiful coupe will be marketed as is. However, its design elements, technology, and interior materials will eventually be adopted in Pallstar commercial models. The next challenge for young designers who challenged to create a new sense of luxury is to establish a design that can be recognized as a pole star at a glance, without being told, "I don't know where the car is." Otherwise, great seniors cannot be surpassed.

The Polestar Precept vehicle will be open to the public at the Geneva Motor Show from March 5 to March 15.


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