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Popular explosion on SNS! Immediately sold out organic color lip "Algeran" "The Public Organic" I tried to verify!

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Two major organic lips that are popular on SNS."Algeran" "The Public Organic"Why is it so popular? How is it different? ¡I tried to confirm the commitment and comfort of raw materials that can be used with confidence!

What about plant-derived color lips (organic lips)?

The time when the temperature falls day by day, and the lip rustling begins to matter. Lips with natural color and moisturizing power are useful items that are easy to repair! “Two organic lips, which gained explosive popularity last year and sold out in just two weeks, have reappeared this fall and have become a hot topic.

Organic lip is a lip that sticks to natural ingredients such as moisturizers, essential oils and fragrances. Although there is no clear definition, it is often referred to as a product that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction due to low irritation or does not use a chemical synthesis ingredient.

Since there is no official certification body for organic cosmetics in Japan, the products that have acquired the ECOCERT cosmetic certification, which is regarded as the world standard, are highly reliable.

Launched last fall, sold out on SNS, explosively popular and immediately sold outMatsukiyo “Algeran Color Lipstick” (all three colors, prevailing price 648 yen without tax, renewed on September 2, 2019)When"The Public Organic Essential Oil Color Lipstick" (all three colors, prevailing price 648 yen without tax, renewed on September 25, 2019)Is an organic color lip that has acquired ECOCERT cosmetics!

Both packages are fashionable, and even in the autumn cosmetics, it is an item called "This must be checked!"

Organic lips have the advantage of being easy to dry and rough on the lips as the image the reporter has, but has the demerits of “falling quickly” and “color development is not enough” compared to lipstick. I often feel it.

How are the popular “Algeran Color Lipstick” and “The Public Organic Essential Oil Color Lipstick” used? In order to verify it, I actually got two lips and used them!

First, check out Matsukiyo's “Algeran Color Lipstick”!

Drugstore Matsumotokiyoshi's exclusive brand cosmetic “Algeran” was born in October 2012 with the concept of “real organic for your everyday life”. A wide range of items such as skin care, body care, hair care and lip care are being developed.

You might think "What is a brand of a drugstore, not a cosmetics manufacturer?", But all of the Algeran cosmetics are based on strict standards and use the plant materials carefully selected from organic farmers around the world. !

Following Europe, which is an organically advanced country, we have established 16 unique organic standards, more than 95% are naturally derived ingredients, use perfumes based on essential oils, and use synthetic colorants Only products that meet strict standards, such as not doing things, not conducting animal experiments, etc., have been commercialized.

“Algeran Color Lipstick”, which was sold out at the time of limited release in the fall of 2018, is now available in all three colors, including the new color “Puri Apriam Rose”! Reliable with 100% natural ingredients and free formulation (no use of mineral oil, silicone, parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, carmines).

Looking at the actual product, it is a standard size and a standard size as a commercially available lip balm with an internal capacity of 4 g. Amber rose, baby peony, and pure plum rose are all natural and soothing colors. Amber Rose and Baby Peony are semi-matt type with a little gloss. Finished like an adult, the entire face became gorgeous after makeup.

Pure April Rose is a natural colored sheer type. Even with just a color lip, it fits into the skin and doesn't claim too much. The feeling of choosing the skin color is also a good impression.

The soft and discreet sweet scent is 100% essential oil. Just a little scented with plant-derived ingredients such as organic neroli essential oil, orange essential oil, and bitter orange flower oil. There is no need to worry about the smell …

The paint is smooth and fits dry lips. I felt overwhelmingly moist than a general lipstick. Whatever the original color of my lips, it seemed that the color of the lip color came out properly. It looks like a natural makeup, not just a makeup, so it's perfect for everyday use.

Next, check out “The Public Organic Essential Oil Color Lipstick”!

"The Public Organic Essential Oil Color Lipstick" is a slightly slim color lip balm. The content is 3.5g.
Because it is thin, it is easy to use even if it is painted without looking in the mirror.

There are three colors, burning red, noble orange and graceful pink. It looks a little darker when viewed in the stick state, but it is easy to use because it is a natural color that does not become too dark when actually applied.

This is also an organic certification, free formulation of mineral oil, paraffin, synthetic fragrances / colorants, parabens, silicon, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients. 100% naturally derived ingredients.

I used neroli oil and ylang ylang essential oil and thought that it had a refreshing grassy scent like chamomile. Color lips with a sweet scent are valuable.

When you actually use it, it gets used to your lips and is hard to fall off. When I first lightly turned it off with a tissue, I couldn't get a lip color on my cup after drinking tea! Furthermore, the moisture is long lasting and the appearance is very natural. The skin-friendly color that you want to bring when you go out.

It contains red raspberry oil and contains vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6 to prevent UV rays. When you go out, you can feel the moisturizing power, and even when it gets dry, it feels like you've been able to keep it moist without the thin skin sticking.

In conclusion, I want both! I'm surprised that the organic color lip is so excellent though it's a small plastic!

Although it was a color lip in the 600 yen range, both “Algeran” and “The Public Organic” were surprisingly high quality in terms of raw materials and comfort. There is no complaints about the coloring that is often found in organic products, because these two types of lips were delicate and beautiful colors!

If you want both, but if you dare to choose one, “Algeran color lipstick” or “Simply, fast! "The Public Organic Essential Oil Color Lipstick" is recommended for those who want to keep "!"

"Algeran Color Lipstick" (648 yen excluding tax) is on sale at Matsumoto Kiyoshi (excluding some) and official online shops nationwide.
“The Public Organic Essential Oil Color Lipstick” (648 yen excluding tax) is available at Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Kirindo, Welcia Pharmacy, Tokyu Hands, Loft, etc. nationwide. Online, etc.

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