Popular multi-SNS creator Shipitan becomes the first gravure and sexy gal in "Young King"

“Shipitan”, who is active as a multi-SNS creator, appeared in the first issue of “Young King” [Shonen Gaho-sha] released on Monday. He has been collaborating with the popular manga “Yancha Gal's Anjo” from the magazine.

Shipitan has been active as a reader model for the fashion magazine “egg” and a member of the idol group “GALDOLL”. Currently, TikTok has over 250,000 followers, and Instagram has over 130,000 followers.

In "Young King", the magazine's popular manga "Yancha Gal's Anjo-san" will be shown. The person himself seems to be in the mood to read the original before shooting, and a complete collaboration from costumes to hairstyles. I played a real naughty gal. This is the first gravure to commemorate for Shipitan. [Gravure cutHereFrom]

In addition, Minoru Inudo, the owner of the top gravure body, appears at the end of the book. We are developing a gravure with a Christmas theme that is perfect for this season.

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