Pornstars launch 'send donation nude photos' campaign to save Australian wildlife


Pornstars launch 'send donation nude photos' campaign to save Australian wildlife

By stokpic

Australia has massive fires for monthsIn addition, not only humans but also wild animals such as koalas and kangaroos have been severely damaged. In the midst of the disaster, pornstars raised donations of over 100 million yen in just three days, calling for donations to use their sexual appeal to save wild animals.

Australia is burning and these women are dousing the flames with their nude photos | Montreal Gazette

Model Kaylen Ward said she raised at least $ 500,000 for Australia wildfires with nude photos-The Washington Post

Australia's massive fire, which began in September 2019, will not end within 2019, and wildlife that was killed by a series of fires500 millionIt is also advocated.

A record of the terrible damage of wildfires in Australia over the last few months, why so devastating? -GIGAZINE

by matthew abbott

One who got up after seeing the plight of Australia was a 20 year old nude model in Los Angeles,Kelen WardSan. Many people were already working to help Australia, but Ward decided to use his sexual appeal. Ward said, "We will raise money related to Australian forest fires.The following organizationsI will send my nude photo via Twitter direct mail to those who donated at least $ 10. One nude photo for every $ 10. If you donate, please email me a receipt. "

The response from this activity seems to be very large, Mr. Ward says that the total amount of donations reached $ 1 million (about 110 million yen) at the stage of January 7, 2020, three days after starting Announced. Ward says he has hired three friends to process a donation receipt that continues to be sent by people.

What drives such a ward is that he was damaged in California in 2018Wildfire called “the worst in the state”. Ward described the experience as “ the sky turned purple, yellow and orange and looked like the end of the world '' “ A month after the fire ended, the sky remained gray due to smoke '' And expression. The fact that Australian fires were much larger than the fires they experienced caused Ward a sense of crisis.

According to this activity, Mr. Ward deleted his Instagram account and was dismissed by his parents, and he could not have his boyfriend talk, but Mr. Ward said, “ But it is good, Koala can save you. '' He says.

The idea of ​​"saving Australia with the power of Eros" has been accepted by many porn stars,Riley Reid,Jenna LeeThey have started similar activities.

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