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The world's first electric airplane aimed at commercial operation was designed in 1946

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Canada's Harbor Air has developed an electric airplane eBeaver that has been converted from a motor of the propeller aircraft CHR-2 Beaver designed in 1946, and succeeded in a test flight of about 10 minutes on the Fraser River in Richmond, Canada.

In April, Harbor Air announced the development plan for the world's first electric seaplane for commercial operation in partnership with electric motor manufacturer Magnix. Several airplanes that have already been powered by motors have been developed and are available for test flights or on the market. However, there are no commercial flights that carry passengers.

Harbor Air CEO Greg McDougall took control of the test flight. Harbor Air has 14 6-seat DHC-2 Beaver. It is explained that by replacing the PT-6A turboprop engine installed in them with a Magnix motor, the fuel consumption of about 300 dollars per hour can be changed to 10-20 dollars per 100 miles. However, the energy density of lithium-ion batteries is less than 5% of aviation fuel, and the cruising range of electric airplanes is very limited.

Nonetheless, for example, 100 miles is sufficient for seaplane commercial operations, especially in Vancouver. 58 miles straight from Vancouver to Victoria, British Columbia. However, because it is at the tip of the peninsula, an electric airplane that can be operated quickly and at low cost can be a good option if you travel around a few hours or use a ferry.

Star Wars space fighter inspired by Porsche Taikan

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Porsche and Lucas Film have produced a fictional space fighter "Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter" inspired by Porsche's EV "Taikan". This fighter will showcase a 5-foot scale model at the premiere event in Los Angeles on the day of the Star Wars / Dawn of Skywalker on December 20th.

Although it seems that it is very difficult to find the appearance of Taikan from its appearance, Porsche's design department VP Michael Mauer said that the gentle shape from the cockpit cabin to the turbine closely resembled that of Porsche 911 and Taikan . In addition, the front light, the air intake area, and the red horizontal line that can be seen in the rear view are parts that remind us of Taikan. However, if there is a person who can only see this and realize that "Oh, I'm Taikan", it seems to be said to have an outrageous sense.

This fighter will not appear in Star Wars / Dawn of Skywalker. If it appears in a future work, if you do not redo the EPA range measurement until then, you may run out of energy and fall to the ground when you return after finishing the battle. .

Porsche Taikan EPA range, far below TLTP value

Bernhard Rauscher, 2019, Porsche AG "data-caption =" Bernhard Rauscher, 2019, Porsche AG "data-credit =" Bernhard Rauscher, 2019, Porsche AG "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider = "" data-local-id = "local-1-8666640-1576383508978" data-media-id = "9151dfed-e3eb-41ff-8cd1-67d90cc1028b" src = " -uploaded-images / 2019-12 / e1c99ea0-1ef1-11ea-bf7f-0d8281821ca9 "data-title =" Bernhard Rauscher, 2019, Porsche AG "/><br />The cruising range when fully charging a Porsche EV or Taikan is “ Internationally harmonized emissions such as passenger cars<em>Fuel economy</em>The test method, or WLTP value, is advertised as approximately 280 miles (450 km). However, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it was about 201 miles (about 323 km) as a result of measuring electricity costs.</p>
<p>WLTP is a measurement method established as an international test method that unifies the different fuel efficiency measurement standards in countries and regions around the world. In Japan, it has been introduced in 2018 with the conventional JC08 mode measurement value.</p>
<p>Porsche described Taikan as the first EV to adopt an 800V charging system, and explained the short charging time as an advantage. However, no matter how fast the battery is charged, if the cruising range is short, it is not convenient for vehicles equipped with ICE (internal combustion engine). When compared to EPA standards, Tesla Model S's 2020 model can run approximately 1.7 times (348 miles / 560 km) of Taikan.</p>
<p>However, customers who purchase Taikan are probably not looking for the ability to drive the car over long distances. If you need long-distance travel, most people buy another car that can do it, or head to the airfield. This time, EPA measured the cruising range with the Taikan Turbo, not the higher-performance Turbo S.</p>
<h3>Netflix produces a program based on Spotify</h3>
<p><img alt=Netflix, a video streaming service, has announced that it will create an original program based on Spotify, a music streaming service. Spotify co-founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorenson have started a small service in the already mature Internet world, and Spotify has evolved and changed the way people listen to music around the world It will be a series that draws a way to go.

It wasn't clear whether it would be documentary or drama tailored, but according to Netflix materials, Steve Jobs may appear in the story as a hostile position to Spotify.

TIDAL HiFi, Dolby Atmos music added to service

Tidal "data-caption =" Tidal "data-credit =" Tidal "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-2-3566070-1576395045948 "data -media-id = "39480f95-f014-48fa-82a9-66b8bfac0022" src = " "data-title =" Tidal "/><br />TIDAL has announced that it will provide 360 ​​degree surround music called Dolby Atmos music on the TIDAL HiFi lossless distribution plan. Dolby Atmos music is an immersive audio that uses the Dolby Atmos technology as an object for each track of the sound source, and is similar to Sony 360 Reality Audio provided by Amazon Music HD and Deezer HiFi. In May 2019, Universal Music and Warner music began to prepare songs using this technology.</p>
<p>If you are a Tidal HiFi subscriber and use a compatible Android smartphone or tablet, the Dolby Atmos logo will be displayed when you play the corresponding song, and you can enjoy the Atmos version of the song. TIDAL said, "We will work closely with TIDAL owner artists including Jay-Z to create a Dolby Atmos catalog and make it available in 2020."</p>
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