Porsche Delivered 116,964 units worldwide in the first half of 2020

In the six months of 2020, Porsche delivered a total of 116,964 cars worldwide. The coronavirus crisis and the consequent closure of the Porsche Center for a couple of weeks reduced it by 12% from the previous year.

The Cayenne is the most popular model with a total of 39,245 units. The number of Macan is 34,430. Porsche's iconic 911 was +2% year-on-year and continued to be very popular. The Thai can be equally well received, with Porsche shipping 4,480 units in the last six months.

China remains the strongest market, recording 39,603 units. South Korea and Japan have sales of 4242 units and 3675 units, respectively. Each shows double-digit growth rate compared to the previous year. There are 32,312 units in Europe and 24,186 units in the United States.

“We continued to feel the impact of the coronavirus crisis in the second quarter, especially in the US and Europe, but we see a positive trend. The key factor here was the closure of the Porsche Center. We have been able to continue to maintain good sales in the Asian market. The situation has not returned to normal yet, but it has also improved in the European market since May 2020," said Porsche AG's sales and marketing. De Treff-von Platen, a member of the Executive Committee, said.

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