Porsche engineering technology condensed│ Sport design package and aero kit added to new 911

Porsche Exclusive Manufacturing has added a custom package to 911.

This time, the sport design package can be selected even with the latest model 911, 992. This package is fitted with a front apron with a specially designed lip spoiler. The rear has been redesigned, with the numbered position at the top to provide a new air intake and air outlet. It is also possible to combine with sports design side skirts. You will feel more close to the road.

A new aero kit has also been added as an option. Applicable to all 992 coupes. Based on the sports design package, the aero kit's front spoiler, rear spoiler, rear wing, etc. greatly improve aerodynamics. These are reminiscent of Porsche GT machines.

It took several months for Weissach engineers to develop the new aero kit. Careful testing was carried out several times at Porsche's special facilities.

In addition, 90,000 km of public road tests were conducted around the world in various climates. In addition, a high-speed test of 55,000 km was conducted on a truck in Nardo, Italy. And it became a condensed item of engineering that Porsche is proud of.

Sport design packages and aero kits are available in a specification that matches the exterior color or in a specification that is partially blackened. The introduction in Japan is undecided.

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