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Porsche EV Tican Turbo S, EPA range is only about 309km. Even shorter than lower model-Engadget Japan version

Roberto Baldwin / Engadget
The Porsche's first EV Tican Turbo was measured by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in December 2019 and has a range of about 201 miles (about 323 km), which is quite modest compared to the expected value. Was.

At the end of the year, the cruising range of the Tikan Turbo S, which is the top model of the Tikan, was measured this time,The EPA reports a range of about 192 miles (about 309 km) for this top model.

According to the international fuel economy test method (WLTP), which has been adopted in Japan in recent years, the cruising range of the Tikan Turbo is up to 279 miles (about 450 km) and the Tikan Turbo S is up to 256 miles (about 411 km). did. Considering that the price of the Tikan Turbo S can be as high as $ 188,960 (about 20.77 million yen), this EPA range may give many people the impression that it is not enough. For example, the Tesla Model S Performance model, which is sold at about half the price of the Tican Turbo S, has a range of 348 miles (approximately 560 km) according to EPA standards.

The Tesla Model S is a high-performance EV that is not inferior to supercars in terms of driving performance, such as 0-60 mph acceleration, but its appearance and design concept are only high-end sedans, and practical considerations are also emphasized by purchasers.

On the other hand, Porsche Taikan's customers are thought to be primarily concerned with "it is Porsche", and it is thought that those who seek styling, luxury and beauty of the interior.

In addition, Tesla vehicles are available in Ludicrous Plus mode, which allows you to enjoy full-speed acceleration that surpasses that of supercars, but you can only try full-speed acceleration twice in a certain period of time as it will adversely affect the battery. However, Porsche argued that "you can sustain the best performance for a long time", and if you bring it to a circuit or a straight course, you will be able to fully enjoy the driving unique to Porsche.

Of course, a short cruising range can make it difficult to move from city to city in a vast country. If you're just buying a Porsche's first EV, it may not be a big deal at all, as you might already have another car (or other means of transportation) for long distances.

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