Porsche Museum exhibition showing Porsche before 1948

In the Porsche Museum exhibition area “ Porsche before 1948 '', production of its own model at Gmund will start in 1948, including the 1900 “ Roner Porsche '' equipped with an electric motor in the Egger Loner electric car and wheel hub In the meantime, Ferdinand Porsche has introduced a number of works with their episodes.

In addition, aircraft engines, the "Austro Daimler Moto Asprize" fire engine, the "Sasha" Austro Daimler-type and Austro Daimler Bergmeister, and the legendary aluminum body that pioneered all Porsche cars Model "Type 64" is on display.

After the war, Porsche developed the Grancing Racing Car Type 360 ​​"Cissitalia", and a total of 21.5 million units were manufactured, making the "VW Beetle" the best-selling Porsche work. The prologue concludes with the first Porsche 356 prototype, born in 1948, called "Porsche No. 1". Each exhibit reflects Ferdinand Porsche's lifelong milestones, as well as a series of visions from Porsche and the Porsche brand.

The basic tone throughout the museum exhibition is "Porsche philosophy". Beginning with the prologue, with the history of Porsche products and motorsports displayed in chronological order, visitors can walk naturally through all exhibition areas to the venue exit. .

Today Porsche AG takes the past of its predecessors seriously and takes analysis of its history as an eternal issue.

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