Porsche Paradise │ Competition in a wonderful environment blessed with rich greenery

Any experienced event promoter will argue that choosing the right place can make or break a car show. The size is important not only for its aesthetic appearance. A venue that is too small is not desirable, but it may be a problem if it is too large. If you don't find the car you want to exhibit, you will spoil the atmosphere of the event.

In that respect, the park section of Dana Point, which 356 Club Southern California chose as the annual competition venue, was in a well-balanced and well-located location with abundant grass. Hundreds of vintage Porsche cars were gathered driven by enthusiastic owners, and we could enjoy the scenery of the Pacific Ocean from the venue.

However, after the 30th competition held in 2016, club members were forced to choose alternative sites. This is because we received a notice that the conventional venue will not be available. The successor was chosen to be Huntington Beach's magnificent park, blessed with hills and winding paths.

Unfortunately, the same scenario happened again after the 2017 event. The 356 Club Southern California chose the Bella Collina Town and Golf Club in San Clemente as their ideal venue for the 2018 event. The venue is located in the waterfront area in the southernmost town of Orange County, about 60 miles from both Los Angeles and San Diego. It's a place famous for waves among surfers. It is also known as the city where former President Richard Nixon purchased the estate in 1969, just months before the Watergate incident.

The 356 competition, which was announced as "the world's largest complete jury competition for 356 only," is free of charge for visitors, in addition to conscientious participation fees. It was sure to win the hearts of many enthusiasts. In addition to the competition exhibit cars, many vintage Porsche were invited to the festival, and about 400 cars lined up on the lawn. Most of them are 356.

In the show contest, there were three major classes, "Full Competition," "Street Competition," and "Wash and Shine," depending on the screening level desired by the exhibitor. The efforts of the 356 Club, which organized the venues by model and year of manufacture, are worthy of compliment. It was also a great opportunity for photography.

Of course, San Clemente also brought together a number of "old-fashioned" enthusiasts, including several Pre-A and even the rare 1955 Continental, a 356 specially designed for the US market. In addition, Herb Weissard ran the brilliantly owned 1952 Geckler Porsche Special, as we have featured in this magazine. The venue was also a great opportunity to deepen old relationships with various Porsche enthusiasts, and thanks to the 1958 Speedster that decorated the cover of the UK version of "Classic PORSCHE" No. 5 2011, and its owner Pascal Giai. Was able to meet again. The tabs have changed a little since this magazine was published, and hub caps and side moldings have been installed, but they are all wonderful.

The creative 356 Outlaw also delighted the visitors. It is a group customized with unique methods, such as sometimes equipped with a strange engine. As a masterpiece of engineering genius, several 2.5-liter and 2.6-liter four-cylinder engines based on the 911 engine also appeared. Speaking of outlaws, a considerable number were gathered in the 911 and 912 areas. Suddenly, it's the impression of the Kurt Zimmerman's powerful "300bhp" 6-cylinder 912.

Apparently, 356 Club Southern California finally found a replacement for Dana Point's park. The new venue of San Clemente is also a wonderful environment blessed with abundant greenery. The event has been postponed in FY2020, but please check the website "" for details on the event in FY2021.

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