Porsche restores 944 S2 │ What is the total amount spent on restoration including purchase?

The one Porsche chose for restoration was guaranteed to have few previous owners and no accidents. The one selected was "Cobalt Blue Metallic". This color was also used in advertisements and press photographs of the 944 S2 at that time. Unlike the 911 model at that time, the 944 was used as a business sports car for long-distance driving.

Registered with the "S-KV 6230" in 1991, this 944 S2 has been active as a workscar for three years. Then the next owner ran through the Ruhr area and was re-registered again within the owner's family. The owner was said to have owned it for 10 years before it was sold to Porsche. Only 10,000 km have been run during this period. Also, what attracted Porsche was that the 944 S2 did not have leather inside, instead, it used a "multi-colored fabric" of a fabric sheet that is rare nowadays.

Another special feature is that it has an original sound system with height-adjustable suspension, Blaupunkt equalizer and sound package – Blaupunk'Symphony'. There is also a Bosch in-car phone. It will take a while to find one that has such an option. And from the various invoices left behind, it was also found that the previous owners maintained these systems politely.

Porsche's first restoration was to put in new continental tires [650 euros], change oil and check 33 points at the Porsche Center Oldenburg to get a Porsche Classic card. As a result of the check, it was found that it was in the best technical state.

However, damage was seen in the exterior and intelinia. The exterior was heavily scratched, and the interior was worn out of the driver and passenger seats, and the steering wheel and gear knob leather were also scrapped. The tonneau cover in the luggage compartment was bad because it was exposed to UV light. However, there is joy in repairing and replacing parts. It's a lego for big boys.

The leather gear knob was exchanged for 243.42 euros. Then find the sheet fabric at and buy all the sheets for €587.90. Old-fashioned Mennich Sadorli in Oldenburg covered the front seats with a new multicolored fabric in classic gray. Since the steering wheel is not available as a new part, it is covered with new leather [total cost: 3100 euros].

The body was stripped of all small dents and a complete disassembly of all accessories, including tank flaps, doors and caps. This painstaking work took many days. The original "Cobalt Blue Metallic" paint was applied at a paint shop in Rastede for 2618 euros. As part of the post-paint assembly process, all rubber seals on the body of the 944 S2 were replaced.

Regional specialist Ammerländer Polier Service [APS] stripped the paint off the original wheels and restored them to a new state by powder coating. Repairing an air conditioner with a new compressor and CFC-free refrigerant costs 1,500 euros.

€33,000 was invested in the 944 S2, including the purchase price and replacement of wear parts such as the rear silencer. However, the "Young Timer" with a 2+ condition rating is worth it. And in 2021, it will become an "old timer".

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