Porsche that can be enjoyed in the house | How about mini cars and radio control?

Running a real Porsche is fun, but there are ways to enjoy Porsche in the house.

Even with the same 2.4 911 S Targa, the 1/18 scale Skow diecast model does not have real speed and is small in size. But it's rust-free, it can be kept in the house without getting angry with its partners, and the price is orders of magnitude lower. This model, which is on sale in the French Selection RS, is produced in only 911 pieces and is highly scarce. The price is £ 125 including tax [excluding shipping]. If Targa doesn't like it, there's a black coupe for the same price.

If you want a Porsche racing car, I recommend the latest Carrera package. To celebrate the two-class victory at Le Mans in 2018, two large RSR 1/24 scale models will race on a 9.3m long complex course. I am also happy that the controller is wireless. 447 pounds per set. How about an adult with a child's heart or a present for yourself?

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