Possibility of being behind the 5G iPhone-Apple News

Apple has maintained a schedule to release a new model of iPhone in September every year.

The announcement in September is perfect if you want to ensure a stable supply of new products during the holiday season starting from the end of November and have your iPhone pre-added to the holiday shopping list. Yes, the strategy to maximize iPhone sales towards the end of the year has been successful.

However, this may be a little late in 2020. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, the 5G-compatible iPhone released in the 2020 model is delayed from 4 weeks to 2 months.

The design of the iPhone in 2020 has been changed for the first time in 6 years since 2014, and it is expected to make a big change to meet the long-awaited 5G next-generation communication standard. However, Apple's iPhone launch uses supply chain management, assembly, and distribution that goes through needle holes every year. It can be said that it will be difficult to see if we can proceed as planned in 2020.

However, in the first half of 2020, Apple has released various new products such as iPhone SE, iPad mini/Air/Pro, MacBook Air/Pro 13 inch, and Mac mini even in the new Corona Warrior. It's safe to say that we have enough power to get the release on time and have customers wait.

2G delay in mass production of next-generation "iPhone" for 5G–effect of new corona (7/2)

Changes in digital news

Apple has launched a digital subscription service centered around the magazine Apple News+ in March 2019. However, Apple News (News app) has its own editorial department in each country to curate news and deliver the latest news to the widgets of iPhone and iPad.

It is already common sense in the media industry in each country that access to the article will increase explosively when listed in this widget. Even the iPhone alone boasts 125 million monthly readers, so its ability to attract customers can be evaluated to a certain degree.

On the other hand, curation is completely black box, and it is almost impossible for media and writers to aim for that frame. Also, if you want to read more articles, you will be directed to a media application to subscribe, but if you get subscribers from within the application here, it is painful for Apple to take a 30% commission. Or, you will receive a profit distribution according to the number of articles read on the aforementioned Apple News+.

Looking at the uncertainty of curation and high fees, there should be a better way to deal with the current media business proposition that increasing the number of subscribers directly leads to sales. It may be the real intention of the New York Times.

NYT will withdraw from Apple News, and the NYT articles will no longer be displayed in the news feed, which may attract a large number of “possibly” accesses.

The New York Times Withdraws from Apple News–Can't Build Direct Relationship with Readers (6/30)


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