Possibility of individual "2nd entry" with short distance condition on land

In order to fully challenge the men's 400m relay aiming for a gold medal on the land of the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics], the 100% and 200m participation in the representative selection plan, which is the first in principle, is subject to the possibility of participating in the second individual. According to the officials on the 20th, it was left behind.

"The 100m, 200m, and the expectation to exceed the 400m relay will be an exception," said Hiroshi Doe Olympic coach [45], who is in charge of men's short distance at the Japan Federation of Federations. He has already consulted with the coach of the national team. According to the officials, the condition for participation in the second individual must be a time that can expect medals for both 100 meters and 200 meters within the period. Based on past medalists' seasonal bests, etc., the time is 100 seconds 9 seconds 8 units, 200 meters 19 seconds 8 units. It also includes two crowns at the Japan Championship.

In the middle of this month, the Japan Land Federation's Chairperson, Kazunori Asaba [59] and a coach for strengthening the Doe Olympics visited the United States. He met a coach Mike Holloway, coach of Sani Brown Hakeem, 20, based in Florida. "I could talk constructively," said Doe. If Sani Brown proves his ability to aim for medals, it is likely to open the way for individuals to participate in the second event.

The reason behind the high standard of "medal" class in the second individual event is that the second Japanese individual in the past world competitions was a major concern for relays. Takase won the 2015 World Championship and Sani Brown participated in the 100 and 200 meters of the 2017 World Championship. However, the rebound from the world tournament was so great that the subsequent 400 meter relay was forced to miss. At the World Championships last fall, Koike, who had a 100-meter self-recording record of 9 seconds and 98 seconds, represented both events. However, Koike was far from in good shape during the 400m relay qualifying, and had to be replaced by Tada in the final. In effect, the second individual entry was to "abandon" the relay.

In addition, beyond the World Championships, the schedule for the Tokyo Olympics is extremely harsh.

August 1 100m qualifying

August 2 メ ー ト ル 100m semi-final, final

August 4 メ ー ト ル 200m qualifying, semifinals

August 5 200m Final

August 6 400m relay qualifying

August 7 400m relay final

Tartan [runway] of the national stadium, which will be the venue, has a strong rebound. Although good time is expected, the burden on the body is large. There is also an atmosphere unique to the Olympics. The mental burden is severe. Six relay members can be registered at the World Championship, but one will be reduced at the Tokyo Olympics. If there is a breakdown, it may be unavoidable to reduce the strength.

The Olympics held in your home country will fight in a degree of attention that has not been experienced in the past. In the face of high expectations and pressure, the Japan Land Federation will also be responsible for creating a realistic framework for increasing the number of medals. It is a fact that only a 400 meter relay can be used to realistically aim for a gold medal in a track event. Nevertheless, the level of men's 400 meter relays has significantly improved in each country, and the medals are not safe. Japan set a new record of 37.43s in Asia in the men's 400m relay final last fall, but the result was a bronze medal. There is a good chance that even the medals at the Tokyo Olympics will be inaccessible unless the challenge is made with the best team due to the overburden of individual events.

However, there is no reason not to come out if both individuals have the ability to aim for a medal like the 400 meter relay. The nominations will be approved by the Board of Directors in March and will be officially decided.

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