Pottery works in an anatama / Scarlet 16th week Synopsis

Here is the outline of the 16th week [20-25 days] of NHK's TV series "Scarlet" [Mon-Sat, 8:00 am].

Kimiko [Erika Toda] works hard on pottery while Hachiro [Kohei Matsushita] goes to Tokyo to preview his solo exhibition. After a long absence, Teruko [Oshima Yuko] and Shinsaku [Hayashi Miyako] come and talk about old tales together. In a time when she returned to her childhood, Kimiko reminds her of the Shigaraki ware pieces they picked up before going to Osaka.

Yuriko [Fukuda Mayuko], on the other hand, became worried about her love for Shinsaku and consulted Mitsu [Kuroshima Yuuna]. After that, Shinsaku properly applies for marriage.

Hachiro, who came back from Tokyo, was unexpectedly with George Fujikawa [Nishikawa Takanori]. Kimiko knows that she must burn it with firewood flames instead of glazes in order to get the shades of jelly. He tells Hachiro that he wants to do it someday.

At that time, the electric kiln in the studio will be broken. Hachiro wants to set up an anama kiln with this opportunity to fulfill Kimiko's wishes. As she was researching, Kimiko arrived at the name of Keinogawa [Murakami Shoji], a child, which sparked her encounter with ceramics. Kimiko decides to make an anama kiln, knowing the difficulties awaiting, and with the strong recommendation of Hachiro. Overcoming the fierce opposition of Naoko [Nanami Sakuraba], he burns the pit kiln in the garden and finally burns his work.

On the other hand, the distance between Hachiro and Mitsu is getting closer …

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