Power plant from waste heat storing ceramics in energy utilization the University of Tokyo Research

Thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, the energy generated 70% of the most waste heat and that is wasted at present. Such waste heat to be reused for heat storage ceramic heat store and re-use possibilities are being explored. The University of Tokyo from research collaboration Group 2 October hot water, heat energy of permanent that can be stored in long-term heat storage ceramics discovered and announced.

【Here】Data center waste heat to plant factories and aquaculture facilities making the attempt

The study group is a five oxidation three Titanium of titanium [Lambda phase], a part of scandium substituted substances newly synthesized. This substance is normal room temperature and pressure is stable, but the pressure would instantly beta tetraoxide titanium [beta-phase]and the crystal structure is changed. The crystal structure is changed after the substance is 67 degrees in the vicinity of an endothermic peak that is found. That is, 100 degrees below the heat absorbing heat storage ceramic was shown to be possible.

Heat to the heat-absorbing ceramics is in the beta phase from the Lambda phase changes, and then again lowering the temperature even if the Lambda phase is maintained. And, again applying pressure in the Lambda phase from the beta phase changes into heat to release.

This heat storage ceramics by utilizing the thermal storage system can streamline that. Generally in power plants, the turbine cooling river or sea water is used, after cooling the hot water as the rivers are discharged into the. Hot water, the heat storage ceramic into the tank and put it in the heat of the ceramic during the accumulated, it is possible to.

Heat storage ceramics from the pressure and heat is released because the heat anywhere you need to transport it to the reuse of the energy possible. For example, thermal power plants, in ceramics in heat to do the track in the factory and carrying the heat energy utilization can be.

The results of this study were presented by this challenge was the power plant of the power generation efficiency is low,a substantial increase is expected. Furthermore, the power plant occurred in the hydrothermal ceramics cooled for environmental impact, to suppress the possible.

The outcome of this research is 2 the date of the”Science Advances”magazine online edition published in.

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