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Pre-sale of “HITFIT Bike'' fitness machine that Zwift can play-Engadget Japan version

EDGENITY is developing a fitness machine “HITFIT Bike” project at CAMPFIRE. The list price of 120,000 yen [including tax] can be purchased at an early discount price such as 38% OFF at 74,900 yen [including tax]. The project period ends on August 30, 23:59:59. At first glance, "HITFIT Bike" looks like a normal cycling machine, but the point is that you can play the virtual cycling app "Zwift" by connecting it to your smartphone.

Zwift is a virtual course cycling app that allows you to enjoy regular training as well as online races and group rides. In July of this year, "Virtual Tour de France 2020" was held in Zwift, where professional players participate.

In order to play this Zwift, there was a hurdle that we needed to have a road bike, a fixed roller stand, and various sensors that track the rotation of the wheels, and we had to set up these facilities.

HITFIT Bike is a machine with integrated sensors and control CPU necessary for virtual training, so you can play Zwift just by connecting it to a device such as a smartphone. HITFIT Bike supports Zwift as well as services such as Rouvy, Bkool, Kinomap and Trainer Road.

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<p>Engadget Japan</p>
<p>The function as a cycling machine is equipped with an automatic load function that realistically reproduces slopes such as slopes, so you can enjoy the load according to the course even on virtual rides. Moreover, the electromagnetic load system which adjusts a load according to the distance of a flywheel and an electromagnetic magnet is adopted.</p>
<p>An "optical armband" that allows you to measure your heart rate with your freehand and a "vibration and soundproof mat" that reduces vibration are also available as options.</p>
<figure><img src=HITFIT Bike [CAMPFIRE]


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