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"Iemon tea delicious sugar measures (functional foods)" will be released on March 17 if you drink before meals to reduce sugar absorption!

"Iemon tea delicious sugar measures (functional foods)" March 17 release

Let's eat salad first when eating! I guess many people have heard of it.

The point why you should eat from salad is "dietary fiber". Dietary fiber, which is often contained in salads (vegetables), has the effect of suppressing the absorption of carbohydrates in what you eat later.

The "dietary fiber (indigestible dextrin)" is blended, and the result was "Iemon tea delicious carbohydrate countermeasures (functional foods)".

When you hear that it contains dietary fiber, you are wondering how the taste has changed. From the conclusionIt was ordinary tea.

Green tea that can be drunk without any taste of dietary fiber. It is lighter and less astringent than the green tea imagined from the name of Iemon, so the impression is that it is really easy to drink.

It is said that if you drink this a full glass 5 minutes before a meal, you can expect the effect of suppressing carbohydrate absorption. Even if you can't afford salad, it's easy to drink tea!

I'm glad that it's easy to continue because I only need to add to my usual meal. Please check it out as a friend of carbohydrate restriction and carbohydrate measures.

Product Name: Suntory Iemon Plus Delicious Carbohydrate Countermeasures (Functional Foods)
Capacity: 500ml PET bottle
Price: 150 yen + tax
Release date: March 17 (Tue)

Official site:Iemon Plus | Suntory

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