Preparation for a farewell party for Haruma Miura's office

Amuse, an office of Haruma Miura who died at the age of 30 on the 18th, updated the official website on the 20th and reported that he had already carried out the burial of Miura. It was also revealed that a farewell party for fans and related parties is being prepared separately.

Amuse said that she was “charming and loved both inside and outside the company” and regretted Mr. Miura's obituary, saying, “Amuse artists will continue” and “our irreplaceable companions”.

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Dear fans, relationship

We would like to report to everyone who has supported Haruma Miura.

Haruma Miura (30 years old) died at a hospital in Tokyo at 2:10 pm on July 18, 2020.

I have been talking about my dream for 16 years since I was a junior high school student, and I was touched by the sudden obituary of an important friend who I walked with, and both our artists and staff are frustrated by the feeling of sadness, and even if I regret it I think I can't cut it.

As well as the attitude to face his work as an actor, his sincere and charming personality has been loved by many fans, many artists inside and outside the company, and his staff.

With the energy towards each piece of work, his soul, who was shining so dazzlingly, nevertheless lost in many works and the hearts of all who received it. think.

Although still unbelievable and unacceptable and deeply saddened, Haruma Miura continues to be an amuse artist and our irreplaceable companion.

Regarding the funeral, I consulted with my relatives and already had a funeral. Thank you for your understanding.

For all the people who have taken care of us so far, and the fans who have supported us, we will set up an opportunity to say goodbye, considering the time when considering the infection prevention of the new coronavirus. We would appreciate it if you could.

Details will be announced later, so please wait for a while.

We kindly ask that you do not ask our relatives to interview relatives or post speculative articles.

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