Prepare for after corona! How to utilize the time born in self-restraint

The self-restraining life continues, and the unfocused anxiety and dissatisfaction can also make you feel like complaining about stress relief. However, why not change your mind here and think about spending the time born in your self-restraining life meaningfully?

◆ I understand the complaints and feelings of criticism …
There are many acquaintances who work, lecturer, restaurant owner, event space management, private lodging, etc.

Considering their situation, I can imagine the feeling that I would like to complain even one of the complaints. This is because I have experienced the fear that “fixed costs will be incurred even if there is no income” and “the balance of deposits will decrease rapidly”.

In peacetime, you might say "I can't help criticizing" or "I'm at my own risk." But now, it's an emergency that I can't do anything about. No one could have predicted such a terrible situation.

Unfocused anxiety and dissatisfaction cannot deny any criticism or complaining.

◆ The huge amount of time is a chance!
But don't say, "just complain and overdo."

My wife, who is also a voice training instructor and training business, canceled all corporate training and lectures at the culture center after April, so the future prospects are completely out of sight.

But she's changing her mind and spending her spare time embarking on new content development and textbooks for children's vocal training. In other words, I think that there is always something that can be done because "the main business is lost and there is time" and "I stay at home forever".

For example, those who have been hit directly by Corona now develop products and business models that are not easily affected by the environment in preparation for the future. Or why not devote yourself to the time for a thorough examination to fundamentally change the type of work and work style?

Students and children and new members of society who are forced to wait at home should search for educational contents and use all that is available so as not to waste this vast amount of time.

When going to school or going to work after Golden Week, you need to use your time well so that you don't get scared of saying, "What's the difference ?!"

Because "the person who does it does it". Now that you're waiting at home, you can't see the effort of others, so even if you think you're doing it, your classmates and colleagues may be doing more. I don't want to be lamented for lack of practice after the match starts.

◆ Think and do what you can
As an emergency measure for those who have lost their income or for business owners, they must be careful to collect information, be sensitive to government announcements, and borrow money as much as they can. You should only receive the benefits and grants you receive.

It's not the case when you're saying things like "don't rely on the government or others". If the cache hits the bottom, then it's the end. Even if you don't use it as a result, you can just repay it later [although if you don't know how to repay it, be careful].

I don't know when it will converge [or not], so I have a lot of cash on hand. Even if it is a hassle, it is necessary to apply in a diligent manner, "application process is one job".

Once you've complained a bit, start thinking about what you can do. I don't know when the after corona will come, or when it will be with corona [with] times.

However, here, I survived vigorously, and in future generations, "We had such a great experience", "Let's do this when something similar happens next time" "Assuming the possibility and minimizing the impact I want to leave the wisdom of "let's leave."

Text = Chodo Tokio [Money Guide]
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