Preparing for communication challenges in the Wiscorona era

 In the series so far, we have explained the correspondence and progress of telework as the working style required for Corona. More than a month has passed since the announcement of the emergency situation and the announcement and cancellation of Tokyo Alert in Tokyo was announced, but now, with the aim of full-scale With Corona, Post Corona era, it is only possible to do business as usual with telework Instead, discussions on the new normal working style, such as the personnel evaluation system and employment form, are being carried out little by little.

In this article, we will explain how to create a new organizational management structure and organizational culture for the With Corona and Post-Corona era based on online communication.

Safe and secure office environment

Before talking about the new normal, let's talk about the conventional working style and climate. In Corona, there was already a telework system and there were several telework days a month, but when it came to complete telework, it didn't quite go well… There must be many people who have such an impression.

 The "uncomfortable" nature of this telework is the mismatch between the traditional way of working and management and new tools and rules. This mismatch often manifests itself as a communication issue. There are various contents, such as instructions not being transmitted well only by text and web conference, it is somewhat cold and it is difficult to build human relationships, I do not know how to do magic, management is supervised.

 In a sense, it can be said that such issues are natural. This is because many Japanese organizations have put in place a "controlled [pyramid]" model of management [on the left in the figure below] and a personnel system optimized for traditional manufacturing. On the other hand, flexible work styles such as telework are easy to optimize to the "open type" [right side in the figure below]. In other words, there are discrepancies in management style and working style. This shift can be considered as a state of confusion.

"Control [pyramid]" and "open" models

"Control [pyramid]" and "open" models

In a control type [pyramid type] organization, it is easy for information to gather in offices or in physically close locations of superiors. As a result, people are also more likely to be restrained in place. Since the work method and in-house system are optimized based on such an environment, it is evaluated that people can stay in the company on time every day and speak out, and people who stay there for a longer time than the results themselves are evaluated. And climate will be completed. The life-time employment system and seniority order are also vague, and a culture that guarantees status as long as there is any place and if the above instructions are obeyed has been fostered.

Telework is trying to make a hole in it. Oral "what happened about that?" "Please make this document", etc., and the communication I was able to communicate was clear, depending on the atmosphere of the venue and the context of the conversation I had been talking with until then. Above all, in this Coronal Era, many people were suddenly thrown into the situation without preparation.

 While suddenly you are asked to use chat and video conference while complementing each other, what should you start the conversation, and at what timing? Perhaps many organizations have experienced chat channels, threads that were "silent" indefinitely.

Listening to the difficulties of the management. The attitude of “working” in the office until now seemed to be invisible through the screen or at all. As a result, even if it is said to be monitoring, it will run for micro management, such as requesting reports every hour.

 Even if you have little experience with the job, there are many things that you cannot hear when you listen to it. I was afraid that I couldn't build human relations with my surroundings, so I refrained from asking questions, and I proceeded with my work without understanding and fell into a more anxious negative loop.

It can be said that the environment we have become accustomed to has changed completely and that each person is worried about their own position. However, returning to the old way of working, neither organizations nor individuals grow. What should I do?

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