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Prevent makeup collapse! I actually used the topic of “ Make Cover @ Moist Mist '' even in word of mouth

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GR's, which has become a hot topic on social media and word of mouth"Make Cover @ Moist Mist"Is a handy item that prevents makeup collapse just by spraying and gives moisture to the skin. It's a great pleasure for girls to be able to reduce the number of daily makeup changes in the morning! This time, I would like to try out the comfort of the popular item “Make Cover @ Moist Mist”.

"Make Cover @ Moist Mist" to prevent makeup collapse while keeping moisture

GRMore released"Make Cover @ Moist Mist" (65g, suggested retail price 1,200 yen excluding tax, on sale)Is a popular makeup collapse prevention spray that has become a hot topic on SNS. It is an item that has been developed to protect the makeup by pursuing the causes of makeup collapse.

Just spray for 3 seconds on top of the makeup to keep makeup makeup from collapsing due to sweat or sebum. I am grateful in the winter season when mask wear increases.

Also contains 29 kinds of moisturizing ingredients, perfect for drying. It is a nice item in winter, when makeup often gets twisted from drying. Non-silicone formula is safe for your skin. I am grateful for this kind of care because it is something I put on my face.

Refresh with a single blow! Adhering to the makeup without oozing, for a smooth finish

Let's actually use "Make Cover @ Moist Mist".

Easy to use. Just spray from a position about 30cm away from your skin.

The mist spreads evenly throughout the entire body, so there is no need to spray many times and it is easy. Spraying makes you feel cool and refreshed.

Leave for a while until dry. It was all dried in about one minute. In order to further improve the adhesion, it is recommended to gently suppress with a tissue. The finish is smooth without stickiness. I felt that the feel was pretty good, with no blemishes.

It doesn't crumble even with a mask! Effective for drying makeup by drying

I spent one day in the morning spraying "Make Cover @ Moist Mist", but I didn't feel any collapse because I didn't need to remake my makeup. In the dry winter season, we are worried about bulkiness around the mouth, but after spraying it is less noticeable than usual.

I also tried putting on my mask and blowing my nose, but it was impressive that the foundation did not drop much.

In winter, makeup tends to fall off due to drying or irritation from the outside. However, it may be troublesome for many people to make makeup each time. I was very happy to save that time.

This one for dating and work! Fixing is easy because it doesn't collapse

A dream-like item "Make Cover @ Moist Mist" that moisturizes the skin and prevents makeup collapse. With this, it seems good that you do not have to worry about makeup collapse during work and dating.

"Make Cover @ Uroi Mist" is available at Don Quijote stores, drug stores and variety shops nationwide. It can also be purchased through the official online shop, Amazon, or Rakuten.

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