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Preventing accidents with “AI eyes”. Japanese company develops external driver assistance device-Engadget Japan version


Pyrenee, a Japanese startup company, has developed a driving assistance device “ Pyrenee Drive ”has been released. The launch is targeted for fiscal 2020, and the price is expected to be around 100,000 yen.

"Pyrenee Drive is a driving support device that can be retrofitted to a car dashboard. Using a stereo camera, the system recognizes the location of vehicles on the road, pedestrians, bicycles, and lanes, including depth. The graphical display shows red for cars, orange for trucks, and blue for buses.


Also, in situations where the bicycle is coming out of the right, such as "Bicycles jumping out from the right," you will be warned by voice saying "Bicycles are coming from right!" Humans have weaker peripheral vision than central vision and often respond slowly to sudden jumps, but AI complements this.

According to Ryuta Mino, CEO of Pyrenee, the development purpose of the device is to eliminate traffic accidents. Although traffic accidents have decreased significantly compared to when it was described as “ traffic war '' a year ago, the number of 24-hour deaths due to traffic accidents last year was 3,215 and the number of injuries reached 460,000 last year in 2019 You. "There is no reason people die so much just because people move." Mr. Mino says so.

Double check with human eyes and AI

Most traffic accidents are due to human recognition errors,ee Drive assists human recognition. "Aiming to prevent accidents by double-checking human eyes and AI" [Mino].

As an accident prevention function, automatic brakes are spreading. "Pyrenee Drive is being developed in the form of a driving assistance device that can be easily retrofitted. The main unit price is expected to be around 100,000 yen, comparable to that of a luxury car navigation system. In addition, the power can be supplied from a cigar socket, and can be externally connected as easily as a car navigation system.

The processor is ARM-based and the GPU is made by NVIDIA. OS is Linux. It not only alerts you to dangers, but also plays music in conjunction with your smartphone, and has a voice assistant function that "becomes a driver's buddy."


Equipped with LTE communication function. When abnormal situations such as sudden braking are detected, the information acquired before and after is uploaded to the cloud and re-learned to improve accuracy.


Mass production is planned with the cooperation of Sharp, and sales are scheduled for FY2020. In the final product, we refine the design by making the screen bezel thinner than the current prototype. The sales channels are intended for individuals as well as for companies such as transportation trucks.

When you actually experience it, the appearance of graphically displaying how to identify pedestrians and oncoming vehicles is futuristic. Users who prefer on-board accessories such as "radar detectors" also seem to be good.


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