Prince Henry says "royal slimming" and decides to leave

A new story emerges when Prince Henry and Princess Meghan announce the de facto royal family's "breach".

On Tuesday, the couple announced on their official Instagram, "Retreating from the royal family members, establishing a progressive and new role and promoting financial independence." Prince Charles and William were announced 10 minutes before being reported on television, while other central members were reportedly aware of the news.

However, last year, a friend and British journalist Tom Bradby, who accompanied the couple to Africa for excursions, told ITV News that "the royal family was not in the cold ear."

According to him, while they were on vacation in Canada for six weeks starting last November, they were informed that "the royal family will be" slimmed down "and they are not among its core members." It was said. She was sorry that herself had disappeared from the Queen's family photo, but since then, the couple seemed to have decided to leave the royal family.

A royal official told the US Weekly magazine that the couple had been nailed by the queen and prince to prevent official announcements. Suddenly, the reason he announced it on Instagram was because he was sniffed by the British newspaper. However, the newspaper eventually reported on the front page several hours before the announcement.

It has also been reported that Prince Charles has declared to Prince Henry and his wife that they will stop funding if they leave the British royal family altogether.

According to the Times, the Prince and Henry had been discussing negotiations since last Christmas, but the Prince told the prince that “ the financial agreement depends on the role of the couple in the royal family. Is ".

95% of the couple's expenses come from the Prince's income from the vast land of Cornwall, while the remaining 5% comes from royal grants paid by taxpayers. The prince covered $ 11 million in public service between Prince William and Prince Henry between 2018 and 2019. [New York = Naoko Kame]

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