Prince Henry warns Paparazzi of relentless coverage in Canada

Prince Henry's family retires from British royal service and is warned by lawyers that they will not give up legal action if they are suffering from a persistent paparazzi interview in Canada. Emitted. The Sky News TV and others reported on the 21st.

One reason the prince and his wife, Meghan, retire, is believed to have escaped some media coverage and lead a "calm life" [prince], but Paparazzi's pursuit of the prince is likely to continue outside Britain.

Sun published on Sunday a photograph of Princess Meghan walking with her eldest son, Archie, in a park on Vancouver Island in western Canada.

The prince and his lawyers have criticized the secret shooting without consent. He pointed out that the paparazzi continued to "stick in" at the residence where he stayed, and tried to take pictures of the couple on the premises with a telephoto lens.

The coverage of the couple was intensified after marriage. The prince superimposed on her mother, Princess Diana, who was killed in an accident by her paparazzi, and complained that "my wife is at the expense of the same strong power." [Joint]

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