Prince Henry's dissatisfaction … The desire to serve the queen does not come true

Henry British prince to retire the official business in prospect this spring [35] is 19 days, speech in London, it said it did not beat the "Queen and the British Commonwealth, wanted to continue to serve in the army", different from the ideal image He expressed dissatisfaction as saying that he was "leaving" the royal family in form. "There was no other choice," he said.

This is the first time the prince has publicly described his retirement since announcing his move away from the royal family on August 8.

Queen Elizabeth [93] has just accepted his grandchildren's resolve on Wednesday and has expressed his willingness to watch. The prince's early dissatisfaction with the royal decision is likely to be criticized.

He spoke at a charity-sponsored dinner at a charity he supported, recalling that when he married his wife, Princess Meghan [38], in 2018, "we were full of hope and willing to serve [as royals]." He wanted a more peaceful life and wanted to keep some duties on behalf of the queen without receiving public money, but he retired and was disappointed that he felt "great sadness." .

The princes are expected to spend a lot of time in North America, including Canada, where Meghan once lived, but the prince stressed that "UK is my hometown and my favorite place." . After her mother, Princess Diana, passed away, she thanked the people who watched and supported herself, and said she was eager to jump into a new life, "believing it was okay." [Joint]

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