Private investors・co Bower 玉介: Corona after the shock of the stock market rally continue! Monitor to brand name group【FISCO social Reporter】

*11:00JST private investors・co Bower 玉介: Corona after the shock of the stock market rally continue! Monitor to brand name group【FISCO social Reporter】
The following is the record on the social Reporter of private investors”finite-TEI 玉介”Mr. (blog:money-making shares information about the”cat of husband and shares from the ceiling”)is writing your comments. Record in proactively providing information to individuals with more diverse information to investors to deliver this we are committed to.


※2020 Years 6 months 9 days 13 when writing

Shares&cat blog”money-making shares information about the”cat of husband and shares from the ceiling,”written and co Bower 玉介 and successful.

Well, if your blog is a daily”favorite brand name”to the value after the movement for my watch with the live coverage a lot.. The articles here recently paid attention to individual stocks about the app is there,Nishio rent all Co., Ltd.

This is”Corona after the shock of the stock market rally continue! Monitor to brand name the group”theme in the contributions will be.

First to introduce is the construction, for Concrete Products major radio star<5282>In. Linear Chuo Shinkansen first to the Metropolitan Tunnel, used RC segments such as civil engineering has been noted in the company,5 on May 15 announced financial results,profits came in. Chart(daily)is rock-bottom in the vicinity of the values of the movement continues, in the short term,25-day line・75-day line in a Golden cross can be achieved from keeping a close eye on it. The company’s environment, workers, and lack of concern, the Tokyo Olympic Games and disaster prevention measures, such as Public Works investment are continuing and there is also a view that,the bottom area is picked up wait and see that stocks one.

The 2nd brand name is the Internet version<3556>In. Net view to the”NET OFF”to expand the company,5 month 15 days of the announcement of financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year land and will nest in the most demand on utility business and small home appliance recycling business is significantly increased. Courier in consumer electronics, but also the collection,the new iPhone and other Apple products are also recoverable, and the service expansion work. Chart(daily)is a trough, cut off from Return and 75-day line on the vent, and further, where the fate of the next tranche of up to a monitor in. Technical Intern trainees, the dispatch of business, and insurance services to help Cambodian subsidiary E-Money partnership with, such as Corona end after the company’s material properties, I want you to see I you.

3 one of the brand name, an idea<3935>In. Location incorporating game・such as e-books in the hands of that company. Previously popular title the game”path microphone”and the cartoon”The Ogre destroyed the blade of the”Goodies which handles things from here, but this is the latter of the cartoon series is finished and so is the buzz and attention in the bed. The company’s e-comic・book-sales were strong in the most recent financial statements in the deficit reduction contribution. Then the new Corona to the nest than the background to the performance expected from…7 months 15 days ahead of the next earnings chart to monitor the in.

4 one of the brand name is,Seiwa electric<6748>In. In the tunnel lighting equipment is not just the company, but the new Corona as a countermeasure against ultraviolet light-emitting LED module of the development undertaken is,going long is connected to the pattern. 5 month 13 days of earnings at the ordinary income is growing rapidly, and national resilience stocks from the UV LED in the limelight and monitoring in. A similar point of view,”222 nanometer UV sterilization and virus inactivation unit”to the development of Ushio<6925>Also check. 6 November 2 in the U.S. the Acura security companies and virus inactivation module supply contract announced the signing of a joint venture between the year of release as possible. Their progress is also keeping a close eye on this website.

5 second brand name, the NextGen<3842>In. Telework-related as noted the company is 5 months 20 days earnings. Ordinary income is a deficit landing, and was 21 years and 3 months fiscal surplus emerged and the prospect of shows. New Corona machine became a topic telework in the company’s medium-term business plan, each company is working to reform facilities and services telework introduction in the tide of further growth, there is no view that shows. The future is telework and other local 5G or speech recognition&AI service areas, such as the colorful themed is stock to the stimulation of the Hmm.

The last brand name the data center the leading of the Internet<3778>In. The nest day in a café, Internet traffic is exploding things in the data center related stocks speculation is coming in…… 4 month 27 days of the earnings announcement, the ordinary income in the same period of the previous year more than 99. 5%increase will not land on it. High firepower, computing services of a large contract, the dedicated server services business performance contributed to the pattern in the chart(daily chart), but the fate of the next tranche of up all. What the more recent cloud technologies and digital subscription(DX)expansion of the company to service the growing demand in the hot and humid Hey.

And…here is the space relationship, and more than…the other”noteworthy”and that the brand name is plenty available. If you have time blog search lights on. Cat”one”with us.


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