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*10:00JST private investors・co Bower 玉介:new Corona concern can market your brand name【FISCO social Reporter】
The following is the record on the social Reporter of private investors”finite-TEI 玉介”Mr. (blog:money-making shares information about the”cat of husband and shares from the ceiling”)is writing your comments. Record in proactively providing information to individuals with more diverse information to investors to deliver this we are committed to.


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Shares&cat blog”money-making shares information about the”cat of husband and shares from the ceiling,”written and co Bower 玉介 and successful.

This degree is the”new Corona concern can market your brand name a theme”contribution will be.

Well, if your blog is a daily”favorite brand name”to the value after the movement for my watch with the live coverage a lot.. The articles here recently paid attention to individual stocks about the app is there,Nishio rent all Co., Ltd.

First to introduce, the infection control business familiar to Taiko pharmaceutical<4574>In. 5 December 12 announcement of financial results sales and operating income record high achieved in the United States, and even 20 year and 3 month period the annual dividend increased 50 yen or a thing, the stock upward trend continues and. The company’s hygiene products”the street”, the new corona virus outbreak in the demand for,and contribute to the business performance of the thing. The company’s”Street”is in the medical field is also used, and the new coronavirus to be vigilant to continue on the speculation continues and it is not.

3 one of the brand name, the auto mounting of the pressure sensor that engages Nagano keiki<7715>In. 5 month 12 days of earnings in the semiconductor industry reduced demand for things in ordinary income decrease of land for 21 years and 3 months period resulted in an increase in expected announced, the stock window you have soared. The company’s medium-term planning, Value-Added Services in addition to overseas subsidiaries, mainly in the global strategy that the management base with the aim of strengthening policy and shown. Ichimoku(Daily)is,in the clouds of keep fit followed and,after the settlement soared in clouds over the limit through. Adjustment sandwiched between the two,the fate of the next tranche of up to gaze this time, we will show you.

4 the second brand name is Kawada technologies<3443>In. Steel structure and civil engineering business involved, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and tourism, and also inquiries that the company 5 month 12 days to the upward revision announced. Large-scale construction negotiations may be going smoothly, the operating income is traditionally expected from the 24. 1% increase. After the 25-day line is the upper limit resistance line, the fate of the next tranche of hard to look at. The current stock price is PER, and PBR is not undervalued level, bridges the business and the Metropolitan Redevelopment construction, such as the national resilience of speculation, the company stock price to support from Will. 5 month 22 days of earnings through how the check you want also I not.

5 one of the stocks,municipal solid waste and industrial waste processing as the mainstay that required Kogyo Co., Ltd.<6566>In. Medical institutions in the new corona virus respond to the use of waste as a dedicated container in the recovery of that thing from going long by in…… Recycling resources rate will depend on the form in the soft in the administrative contract business is steady growing in…… Chart(daily)is a 2 month 14 days, a decline of earnings of the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting indicated that interest rates are sold to be, 4 on 6 November lows to 651 yen hit bottom,rebound all of the moving average line crosses above the slow growing. The company is 4 months 15 days to change the President and CEO announced its new management structure and, in the short term, 5 month 27 days of the earnings announcement through how to assess for it.

6 second brand name is Hiroshi exhibition<2173>In. Event Exhibition and promotional support to the company,the new corona virus due to the impact of events such as aborts speculation from the affected, but the online event promotion service, has been announced,market attention from all. Online service the development of the so-called center of Corona in the world, and can even enjoy events that could not Hey. Here also the results in 5 month 25 days to assess for a while.

7 one of the brand name is cyber agent<4751>In. Last year on 11 November to introduce the Company,4 on May 22 announced financial results ordinary income in the same period of the previous year by 47%, an increase not landing it. The game business remained strong,sales record, and more. It received 4 May 23,the Securities the company’s rating to”outperform”with a target price of 5,000 yen is set to on. Chart(daily), and 3 on May 23, YTD from the lows rebound, the 25-day line・75-day line and up through 4 months 30 days is almost recovered and. The next game, even outside the nest than the associative growth is expected AbemaTV such as attention want Hey.

8 one of the brand name, the town Con and the online matchmaking is to get a link back<6046>In. 5 month 7 days of the earnings announcement, the new coronavirus is the impact of the event is 5 months until discontinuation, reflecting a year-on-year increase of ordinary income decrease of landing and more. However, the company is the online video chat service”V BAR (club version)”to the expectations buyers have in the bed. The so-called online drinking, the men and women of the encounter to promote this service,the release from about 1 month in total use the number of 5 million times to break through and a further 4 months 16 days online matchmaking app”5minutes”the release of all. Chart(daily)August 25, Lines 75-day line up out,the Golden cross from up close look. 兎角,online matchmaking the future of the deployment of attention in time.

9 one of the brand name also love matching service”Omiai”to deploy,Internet marketing<6175>In. The affiliate advertising business at its core about the company 5 month 12 days at the closing of the”3Q ordinary income compared to the same period last year decreased by 15%,”announced the thing in the stock price fell, the Ichimoku (daily)cloud of the lower limit in the vicinity of the buying was in the bed. The company is 4 months 22 days”Omiai”in the”video OK”opponents you can easily find the features updates announced fold, from stock price to rise as it earnings to Adjusted was in…… Next is the remote reference associated with speculation along with,actually”Omiai”of the paid membership and the number of trend things, from the growth of expected to buy into that look. Emergency Declaration has been lifted as the nest, than be in love…continued from Hey.

10 the second brand name is fan Delhi<3137>In. Such as a diabetes diet for those who need to the main, health food home delivery business to expand the company to the nest, the most relevant of the speculation there seems to be. 4 month 30 days of the earnings announcement, the plant operation such as delays in ordinary income decrease of land, the MFD of the business the number of members is increasing pattern. Chart(daily)is at the bottom cut back the 25th line on out and see the movement, and of the fate of the next tranche of support to get into keeping a close eye on it. Go quiet after the elderly, focusing on nutrition counseling facilities and services of courier services demand is strong and there is also a view that, with further aging in anticipation of medium-term and long-term look for stocks that.

11 the second brand name is the object<4288>In. Network security factors to consider the Company,4 month 27 days the Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry stipulated by the”information security service standards”conform to the registered and announced, and was welcomed in…… Telework in the spread of a security with the growing demands, the company will sell the”DEEP INSTINCT”, the other did not detect ransomware allows the detection of, and differentiation figure it might not. Chart(weekly)is the corona-the shock of the impact coupled with the sell, ready to buy at rock bottom back when the 13 week moving on through. 5 month 27 days of settlement in the vicinity of the value of the movement also is likely in.

The last stocks of Autonomous control systems laboratory<6232>In. Download related of hot stock in the company, a national research and Development Corporation of the new energy and industrial technology development organization, the initial public offering has been a”safe drone base technology development”project adopted on Thing 4 on May 27 announced that the United States has bought into pattern. A further 5 on 12 days of the settlement surplus emerged and were likable, and most recently, Ichimoku (daily)cloud of on out the share price in January. Last 12 months, the Coast Guard is made in China drones the use of Saw and reports by the company also, speculation is set to continue government-related media attention or not.

And…here is the space relationship, and more than…the other”noteworthy”and that the brand name is plenty available. If you have time blog search lights on. Cat”one”with us.


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