Private investors・co Bower 玉介:next year toward the potential for material resistance!? Attention in the small-cap stocks【FISCO social Reporter】

*10:00JST private investors・co Bower 玉介:next year toward the potential for material resistance!? Attention in the small-cap stocks【FISCO social Reporter】
The following is the record on the social Reporter of private investors”finite-TEI 玉介”Mr. [blog:money-making shares information about the”cat of husband and shares from the ceiling”]is writing your comments. Record in proactively providing information to individuals with more diverse information to investors to deliver this we are committed to.


※2019 year 12 months 17 Days 11 when writing

Shares&cat blog”money-making shares information about the”cat of husband and shares from the ceiling,”written and co Bower 玉介 and successful.

This time”next year toward the potential for material resistance!? Attention in the small-cap stocks”as the theme contributor will be.

Well, if your blog is a daily”favorite brand name”to the value after the movement for my watch with the live coverage a lot.. The articles here recently paid attention to individual stocks about the app is there,Nishio rent all Co., Ltd.

First work of the Year 5 month to also introduce the pipe end HD<3919>In. A V-shaped recovery forecast. forecast focus on the thing that the pickup will be after 9 month 30 days the announcement of the 20. 2 the medium-term financial results is also likable as the stock has soared not. After 75 days the line to the vicinity of the adjustment as follows.

The company’s subsidiary pipe to build up my collection of Agency and management services, and the public certification service for individuals in the Minister of internal Affairs and communications certified vendors that they are from the same Association again, we want to focus here. 11 month 15 days, the personal authentication service, leveraging the identity and number of collected online can be completed on the financial institution for account opening solutions are announced. The future is Internet voting, etc. that there are other considerations…and monitor the … 12 on May 27, the scheduled announcement of the financial results for the check you want and the heart.

The 2nd brand name is a home assessment examination such as the total medical research HD<2385>In. The cosmetics business is”the cream-mask Pro.” Focusing on cross-border e-Commerce of related goods increase in sales and a 11 month 12 day 20. 6 first half business forecasts for the upward revision in 14 years in the first half of the record profit updates in the industry.

Preventive health care has been attracting attention recently, the Diabetes Prevention of serious illness, such as health care support is also expected to grow further in future. 9 at the end of a rebound from the uptrend shift, and Ichimoku [daily]in the clouds to break out to the upside, after continued to rise, and more. Week foot level in the 26-week line on the pull before the end of the year, almost recovered of 736 yen, which is closer to monitor it.

3 the first brand name store in the camera device by the retail support tool”FollowUP”to a main Data section<3905>In. AI technology and customer behavior analysis addition, the company AI by telemedicine related to the expectations, the Jikei University School of medicine as the Japanese ICT community care model with the aim of achieving a joint project we work on.

Most recently, from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act is the first stock consideration in M&A and business restructuring certified by the image analysis service to help Chile Jach Technology acquisition for future expansion is expected to take. Chart[Weekly]the 52-week line above the feet to solidify such a move was not in the bed.

4 one of the brand name is”prick cosmetics”series is a big hit continues to the North of the guru Corporation<2930>In. 10 on 15 days of the announcement 20. 2 the medium-term financial results but also operating income of ¥ 45. 8%, an increase of 13. 90 billion yen business expansion continued. Mature male in its membership increase in China and throughout Asia for cross-border e-Commerce on fire with growth momentum, we may not. The most recent chart [daily]in Year 1 on 14 October the scheduled earnings announcement to before the momentum is a little weak pace, but some traders took profits picked up from the…and monitoring the …

5 for a brand name Wireless Gate<9419>In. Inbound for the prepaid SIM market is attracting the attention of customers. 10 on May 28 the security communication, a subsidiary of the LTE-X Kyowa Exeo<1951>Capital and Business Alliance announced. Security Finance and manufacturing, etc. to a wide range of services to provide policy.

11 April 8 19. 12 3Q financial results contents are compared with the same period in the previous year and a sieve, did not the full year, we forecast an upward revision of the also will. The chart is 9 months almost recovered after recording from the adjustments continue, the Bay Area foreign visitors to Japan increased in anticipation of picking up only the most artistic and monitoring in.

The last brand name is 農業総合研究所<3541>In. By 2018 10 month announced Japan Post capital and capital from 1 year after, the producers and the retail and direct selling of the network to expand distribution and promote efficiency and more. Suppliers of supermarkets and a few number of producers increased as a result, the 10 on 15 days of the announcement 19. 8 the fiscal year ended in the black as possible.

11 on May 8 in Osaka logistics base”Settsu center”of the expansion has been announced,bar code affixed, etc. of the producers and reduce the burden of handling the amount of long. 19.8 the period of the investment phase from the next is the harvest phase transition expected in the current stock price is rock-bottom level of the possibilities…the future is rebound confirmed the collapse is picking up and monitoring in.

And…here is the space relationship, and more than…the other”noteworthy”and that the brand name is plenty available. If you have time blog search lights on. Cat”one”with us.


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