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*10:00JST private investors・co Bower 玉介:to rise from!? From this notable brand name group【FISCO social Reporter】
The following is the record on the social Reporter of private investors”finite-TEI 玉介”Mr. [blog:money-making shares information about the”cat of husband and shares from the ceiling”]is writing your comments. Record in proactively providing information to individuals with more diverse information to investors to deliver this we are committed to.


※2019 years 12 months 4 days 14 when writing

Shares&cat blog”money-making shares information about the”cat of husband and shares from the ceiling,”written and co Bower 玉介 and successful.

This degree is”to rise from!? From this notable brand name the group”theme in the contributions will be.

Well, if your blog is a daily”favorite brand name”to the value after the movement for my watch with the live coverage a lot.. The articles here recently paid attention to individual stocks about the app is there,Nishio rent all Co., Ltd.

First described below is the local game・Bioscience<4583>In. List of immune cells using unique antibodies to create strengths,broad range of patented by the company, the bio shares from performance to shake slightly, the stock is at the bottom stagnate welcome…………

However 11 month 26 days, the Swiss companies to license out the cancer therapeutic antibodies ADCT-701 about the milestone achievement, announced the chart is open the window soared. About 0. 27 billion yen in the 4th quarter to be just a performance restoration of the touchstone and get a…full-fledged rebound in the market entered from the Monitor want to continue your.

The 2nd brand name is located mainly in the Tokyo Metropolitan area to the various types of concept cafés to deploy DD Holdings<3073>In. 10 on 15 20. 2 first half of fiscal year earnings and at the same time,its full-year earnings forecast operating income 23. 40 billion yen from 29. 00 billion yen [an increase of 37. 1% increase] and revised, and the current fiscal year also posted record profits update Outlook.

Consolidated bug list as to the operation of the sports bar in the Rugby World Cup during the original watch the menu had to offer this year 3 month, a consolidated subsidiary of the Pokemon Cafe, etc., to operate a query tool such as the inbound element has been, or unique stores, and more. Chart [daily]is after the earnings announcement jump from after the adjustment, but the results have continued to be a thing from the hit bottom, the folding is sounded by also such as…and watching.

The 3rd brand of the Internet business support project of Seoul out<6553>In. The company is a small business on Web marketing support such as distribution. 11 on May 7 announced 19. 12 3Q[cumulative]financial results in the decrease of land, the full-year forecast is also unchanged and unfavorable out feeling from the rebound in the market to have entered a Shrine.

Local companies support committed the company to a regional revitalization and depopulation of Japan issues resolved, and the provincial charm to spread the want in me. The long-term decline from the trend,Ichimoku [daily]cloud of on out, the 25th line, where the fate of the next tranche of support to continue rising and monitoring in.

4 second brand name, the travel site air list operated by the Ebola blue Asia<6191>In. 8 at the end of the stock is rock-bottom level, which is 11 months 14 days after the earnings announcement to rebound, and more. 19.9 fiscal decline came in was 20.9 period of significant profit growth potential and growth expectations and buy it and think.

11 month 22 days to 10 months of monthly transaction volume compared to the same period the previous year, an increase of 20%, among them General customers following the 44% increase announced a further share price pushed up in the bed. Ichimoku [daily], and a thick cloud on the out after the adjustment entered is in the future, where the fate of the next tranche of up to…IT offshore development well is the fate of the next tranche of support is that you can see.

5 second brand name is in India and operated a convenience store and entered the Park HD<6067>In. The company has a stake in the Indian joint venture,10 in late New View 3 opening of new stores, etc., progress is steady like.

Chart [daily]is at the bottom stagnation however, Softbank<9434>To support hospitality company Oyo and British private equity Fund that Apax Partners, the company’s joint venture companies in India Café Coffee Day the company’s shares to get out of coverage comes out, the 11 month 26 date share price soared. Overseas companies are also targeting the Indian business, future progress in the you will not be able to tear your eyes away you.

The last brand name, the AI-related services involved in the techno-data science・engineering<7046>In. The company Auto Attendant functions and interactive AI products”Cognigy”of such services. 10 month 24 days 20. 3 the period of first half and full year forecast revised upward,even the next day on the 25th SBI Securities and FINTECH in the field of Business Alliance announced that there is upper limit to growth.

Your own AI”scorobo”engine utilizing artificial intelligence Investment Services joint development policies and of thing. The chart is gradually rebounding can also be confirmed for the future fiscal stability and technological advance, the rock-bottom level from the further fate of the next tranche of up to attention you.

And…here is the space relationship, and more than…the other”noteworthy”and that the brand name is plenty available. If you have time blog search lights on. Cat”one”with us.


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