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*10:00JST private investors・co Bower 玉介:Wiz Corona in the world of attention in the brand name group【FISCO social Reporter】
The following is the record on the social Reporter of private investors”finite-TEI 玉介”Mr. (blog:money-making shares information about the”cat of husband and shares from the ceiling”)is writing your comments. Record in proactively providing information to individuals with more diverse information to investors to deliver this we are committed to.


※2020 Years 5 months 26 days 13 when writing

Shares&cat blog”money-making shares information about the”cat of husband and shares from the ceiling,”written and co Bower 玉介 and successful.

This is”Wiz Corona in the world of attention in the brand name group”on the theme of contributions will be.

Well, if your blog is a daily”favorite brand name”to the value after the movement for my watch with the live coverage a lot.. The articles here recently paid attention to individual stocks about the app is there,Nishio rent all Co., Ltd.

First to introduce is the<3639>In. The app business is a nest than by the number of accesses is increased by at,the attention process………… 5 month 11 days of the earnings announcement is ordinary income is a deficit landing, and on the same day on e-comic sales store”almost committed”to this year’s summer service is scheduled to start and announced that,in the United States in…… Ichimoku(daily)in 3 late to hit bottom, and cut return, and the fate of the next tranche of rounded clouds on out there. The game is also popular with the title held by the company,the future of mobile and content, and switch for outlets to expand and found a new e-comic business of growth also is expected in.

The 2nd brand name is cave<3760>In. Smartphone game development and video distribution business engaged in the company, a prominent game creators and investors, and talent Agency President such as majority shareholder to out This smartphone game production Committee investment to be announced in the industry, such as share of working in…… 4 on 14 days of the earnings announcement, the ordinary income is a deficit, the outsourcing business, and video based multi-channel network(MCN), expand future earnings to stabilize and thing. Chart(daily chart)has rebounded from a strong uptrend to build a press if you have the eyes of a scaffold where the formation is recognized on this website.

The 3rd is green<3981>In. E-comic distribution service”no Kingdom”as its main content delivery a number of work. 5 on May 15 announced financial results in ordinary income in the same period of the previous year and 145. 3% elongation of not landing it. Point reduction and the expansion of such number of members has increased,20 years and 3 months to 350 million people to reach, and more. The most recent chart(daily), the earnings after 5 month 18 days has almost recovered to update the most recent adjustment of 4 on 27, you Windows on for. Financial results 2Q at the rate of progress of the legacy plan on turning that thing again,folded to look up this time, we will show you.

4th brand of also, e-comics related, the manga app”manga BANG!” To deploy Amazia<4424>In. 5 month 11 days of the earnings announcement, the ordinary income for the same period last year more than 220. 4%growth, such as the profit expected to the added land and more. Major publishers of popular works to delivery, you can increase user satisfaction as well. The new coronavirus by going out voluntarily by the nest, of the most related as much attention was paid to the company,Daily is the upper limit, but heavy, Weekly is the 26-week line, where the fate of the next tranche of support for the uptrend to continue. The company’s 2Q at the point of advertising and billing revenue exceeding the plan changes,the further growth expected in…….

5 second brand name is Asian Pharma<4597>In. Cancer treatment for pharmaceuticals is engaged in the development of the company,5 month 14 days to earnings, ordinary income is the deficit came in. Antiparasitic drug”ivermectin”is the new Corona as a treatment for clinical trial start reports and the stock move just what I was looking for. “On my team”as an active ingredient in worming”process image table”to sell is situated the company’s major shareholder was the thing, it is speculation and more. Chart(daily)is a”campaign”of the news after the rush to the moving means, the adjustment most recently, keep fit and more. The new corona of the second wave is concerned, in the company’s clinical trial progress also is likely in.

The last brand name is the size<2929>In. “New model Hair Tonic”orders surge by approximately 3 months for shipping and wait for enough to hit the topic as to the company, the functional food material”GABA”is the sleep market is growing, and anti-cancer drugs and cosmetics research has also been focused that way. Last of 5 on 21 prominent stock critic is the part featured in the media even raised the thing, the stock,the chart(daily chart)is moving just what I was looking for. Upfront investment by the current deficit, there are regular customers that the number this year 2 month 25 million to break through most sales are rapidly expanding, and 6 on 4 days of the results towards the expected buyers can…check and make you.

And…here is the space relationship, and more than…the other”noteworthy”and that the brand name is plenty available. If you have time blog search lights on. Cat”one”with us.


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