Private investors R:in 2019! 4 and a half years of month minus accrued and challenge of the year FISCO social Reporter】

*16:00JST private investors R:in 2019! 4 and a half years of month minus accrued and challenge of the year FISCO social Reporter】
The following is the record on the social Reporter of private investors R Mr.[blog”trading to win for those who do not Blog”operation]when writing your comments. Record in proactively providing information to individuals with more diverse information to investors to deliver this we are committed to.


※In 2019, 12 month 16 days 15 when writing

Hello. “Trading to win for those who do not blog”writing R please! This publication has been the book”a beginner can also on the contrarian trading of the essence”is a lot of cooperation in successfully purchase for sure. Here’s how it looks like:. Their approach and way of thinking, of course all is written. Cut doesn’t need to know how to win with content, too. So check it out if you have.

■Peaceful quotes and a sudden bubble

In 2019, the Nikkei Stock Average is the peace in the peace movement was, I think. At the end of last year, I had not in 2019 as well, not just end, but open the lid as it really steady return to it. The so-called panic quotes and such,the art should not be sold for movement, and the peace was with me.

Also, 11 on at once raised, and little by little click the link below to find out more about how emerging markets are also caught up in the whole bubble-like market with it. Private investors many of the emerging markets like has been said, because the Nikkei bubble of the benefit from those who did not, in this timing and take and relief for people in the medical field.

But this year 1 month of service online<4592>Shock, and 12 months of bio-shock in the emerging market, especially in bio-related stocks are risky include 1 year of that was undeniable. Bio has this to say about the service online to start with, and the bio ends like the year it was in.

■Left out of day traders

I have come of as a day trader daily trading for this time of the bubble market, the Nikkei average bubble, the emerging bubble and also benefited from that, but it doesn’t. But it is not able to do so. Trading at work is doing more than any quotes even win this priority must be.

So if you think crash panic the market at bubble prices unchanged, it is the usual day aim to be. This is the best and now also Wii U does not have DVD or Blu-ray playback capabilities. And in that sense, their philosophy,put all focus on their own trade can mean satisfied. By 2018 more revenues fell slightly, it was enough and wanted.

So, of course the real intention and it is not such a market for so little benefit from so think again. In humans it. Just get some! [Laughs]

■Month minus a month, there was

On a more personal note, this year is 8 the month monthly income minus all. 4 and a half years, the negative balance was recorded, but, in fact, 3 weeks if you look at the goals than at the pace of a plus is out.

But once,twice losing this completely from there,their trade is not, if you can find a negative chain don’t stop. Impatience even at that time, control of the mind is completely not way.

Before I wrote this,what a genius in the mind to panic if I was a Ordinary Man too. And my genius is not. You can even,get back that feeling so as not to have this commandment, and future work and strongly believe.

■Trader for the books on writing challenge

By 2016,this field the social as a reporter writing for free. The blog is from 2006 continues, as day trading is not win for those who Blog About 2017 years since 2 and a half years writing about.

Thanks to this year 6 month, publishers and book writing at the request of all,all by myself 1 from the write down or. 1 month or more writing period, and the calibration work, such as a very good experience.

This also all such articles delivered to fit the customer,the delivery destination of the people, and read to the readers of this. Really appreciate it thanks of 1 year. Blog to the top of the book for more detail, please see the article there,if you leave a comment, it would be very appreciated

This year the first delivery to reading, and this year, as the goal of the community social as a reporter of a lot of articles to write their own examples of it.

Its goal is neatly accomplished and hope. Again next year good luck activities you can,thank you in the future.

In 2020,our explosion-proof income hope this article tighten I want. Thank you.

I hope you can understand this. This time is up here,”day trading is not win for those who blog”site opened, I have no technique of content and useful information a large amount of it.
“Trading to win for those who do not Blog”Search please come visit. Books for more information are also provided.

In my personal win that was based on personal opinion instead. Helpful that it is a reference not to it.

Most people also like to have an article like made him had so thank you.


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