PRIZMAX audience dissolution performance "Korona Bakayaro"

The dissolution live of 6-piece dance & vocal unit, PRIZMAX, "Live Level 0-FINAL-" was held on November 27 at Nippon Television Lanlan Hall. In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the audience and live streaming were set.

Members responded to the interview before the live. Leader Daiki Shimizu [28] said that he decided on the day of his CD debut seven years ago, the day of dissolution, "Our milestone. We stuck to 3.27." Ms. Morisaki Win [29] of the vocalist said, "[Dissolution] is something that everyone decided, but it is lonely. It is lonely, but I have to deliver something. .

Performer Tsubasa Shimada [23] commented on the fact that it became a live audience, "To be honest, it's Corona's bakayaro, but when thinking about what I can do as an entertainer, I want to make the video content beyond the live." Morisaki said, "I'm sorry, but I still have to deliver something. I'm grateful to come first."

At the end of the live, each greets. Morisaki says, "I'm really grateful to everyone. He listens to herself and embraces herself when she's strengthened. PRIZMAX is the place to go back. Thanks to the group. It's also because of this group that I can make a best friend. Life can not be told without PRIZMAX, "said members and fans.

Shimizu said, "Everyone was kind. He was a kind member, so a kind horik [= fan] gathered. I was in a thrilling environment."

Shimada, who repeatedly said, "I was happy," said, "Thanks to everyone at Holic. I've heard that Holic is a good friend. I want you to continue that friendship. Now I just feel grateful." Told.

Fushiki Ogawa [25], who joined the group a year ago, said, "It was a year that I would never forget," Kevin [22] said, "I want to do my best to pursue music for the next activity." Mori Hidetoshi [20] said, "I don't think I've grown alone in the past year. It's because of your support."

The members performed 15 songs including encore.

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