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Pro racer used racism during NASCAR's eSports race, fired from team losing sponsor over night-Engadget Japan

Kyle Larson

Japanese American driver Kyle Larson, who participated in NASCAR, a popular motorsport in the United States, racists during an eSports race that was held in place of the race that was canceled due to the new coronavirus As a result, I was dismissed from a team I had been working for many years. The race was broadcast live on Twith, a game streaming platform, and so many viewers were listening. In a Sunday night virtual race held using iRacing, a PC race simulator software, Larson checks voice communication with a person called a spotter who supports the driver in preparation for the race. It was. At that time, I asked the spotter, "Can't you hear me?" And immediately uttered the "N word" that discriminates against black people. Other drivers warned Larson that everyone was listening, but the audio was already on the stream.

On Monday, Larsson's Chip Ganassi Racing Team announced Larson's disciplinary action in response to remarks about the matter, and announced that he would not pay gala for virtual racing. NASCAR management has also issued an indefinite race suspension (although it is a situation where no race is held).

On the other hand, Larson posted an apology video on Twitter, saying that he has just used the words "never use it", "I just apologize to my family, friends, partners, NASCAR communities, especially African American communities." , I admitted the whole mistake.

However, the situation still could not be managed, and several years of sponsors including McDonald's announced overnight that the support was canceled. On Tuesday, Chevrolet, which builds a machine for Larson to ride, also commented, "We do not tolerate the inappropriate statements made by Kyle Larson," and made it clear that the relationship would end immediately.

There was no race at all when the machine supplier, as well as the sponsor, turned away. As a result, Chip Ganassi Racing has decided to go even further and dismiss Larson.

There are many events where professional racing drivers participate in races held as eSports from March to April when the infection with the new coronavirus spread in Europe and the United States. However, unlike the actual race, the driver's mood tends to relax in eSports performed in a virtual world, again at the NASCAR eSports event held on April 5, without permission from the race that was ruined There was also a scene where the driver who had left had to be fired by the sponsor.

However, at this time, although the sponsor declared the driver fired, the sponsor actually left the team and the driver did not lose the contract with the team. The case of Larson could be an event that makes us aware of how big the problem of racist remarks in the United States is.

By the way, Larson is required to complete Sensitivity training before any future return to NASCAR. Susceptibility training is a program that helps you become more understanding of yourself and others and deepen your insight into relationships.

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