Producing a special Alcantara for a hybrid hypercar with 1250 horsepower

Providing Alcantara®, the highest quality Made in Italy material, Alcantara has partnered with Hypercar Czinger 21C, a hybrid produced using 3D printing technology, to create specially customized interior options. Was developed.

Alcantara's designers have worked with the Czinger development team to specifically create the sustainable material Alcantara, which is also used for seats, door panels, steering wheels and instrument panels and floors.

Limited to 80 units, this groundbreaking hypercar is all handmade in Los Angeles, California and offers customization options to meet a wide range of customer requirements. There are two types of 21C, road version and racing version. The road version uses light beige and ecru color Alcantara, and is stitched and piped. The lightweight racing version uses a specially developed black embossed Alcantara.

The concept of functional beauty, 21C, gives the passenger a luxury feeling by the feel of Alcantara's delicate aesthetic functional materials. The 21C hybrid powertrain, with 1250 horsepower, enables 11.000 rpm and a maximum speed of 432 kph (280 mph).

Alcantara's versatility can always find many uses in non-automotive fields such as fashion, high-tech, interior and art. Sustainability Alcantara, which proposes a luxury life, will continue to play an active role in various fields.

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