Producing and Consumer Meals and Agricultural Experiences-Community “ Eat Chok Village '' Launched

オ ン ラ イ ン Online Marche that allows you to purchase products directly from discerning producersEating chalkOn February 19, Vivid Gardens, Inc., announced that it had launched a community called "Eat Chok Village" that would make eating and cooking more accessible.


コ ミ ュ ニ テ ィ The community will provide opportunities to connect producers, consumers, and cooks in a real-world way through cooking classes, meals, agricultural experiences, and business talks.


In addition, we aim to realize a sustainable primary industry by fostering the fans of producers by feeling the personality and life of the producers beyond the ingredients we usually eat casually.


Specifically, we hold a “food eating chalk cooking class”, a food class for producers and consumers, and a cooking class that uses recipes directly from producers and invites vegetable sommeliers and cooking researchers.


Furthermore, there are also plans for a farming experience between producers and consumers, "Eating chok farming experience," and a business meeting / tasting party for producers and restaurants, "Eating chalk business meeting."


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