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Production of Honda "Clarity Electric" discontinued. EV cars disappear from sales lineup-Engadget Japan version

2020 Honda Clarity Plug-In HybridOn March 9, 2020 (local time), several media reports, including autoblog, reported that American Honda has discontinued production of the electric vehicle "Clarity Electric".

Clarity Electric is an electric vehicle that started selling in August 2017. This is a model in which the powertrain of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, a hydrogen-fueled vehicle sold in 2016, has been changed to an EV.

It is equipped with a 25.5kWh lithium-ion battery and can run about 130km on a single charge. However, the current trend in the EV market is to extend the mileage by installing a larger capacity battery. For this reason, they have been struggling recently.

This time, only the EV type will be discontinued, and the fuel cell and PHEV (plug-in hybrid) models will continue to be produced. It also states that the lease will continue and can be extended.

The suspension of Clarity Electric production will result in the disappearance of electric vehicles from the American Honda lineup. However, according to the PR manager of American Honda, the decision is to focus on the development of next-generation EVs, so it may not be too long for next-generation EVs to line up.


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