Professional teach! Safe and correct car washing method

Richard Tipper, a prominent figure in the world of car detailing and a car influencer, reveals professional car-washing methods for Porsche owners at home. This time, I will introduce a method to wash the entire car safely.

Be sure to avoid direct sunlight when washing your car. Make sure your car is cold, and if you want to make it easier, avoid trees and high streets.

If you take a closer look at the car, you'll find small scratches on the entire body paint. Most people often wash without knowing that this can be done at the time of car wash. It is important to make sure that your mitt is free of sand and mud.

Wash your car with snow foam or a pre-rinse agent. It's easier to do with a pressure washer, but some can be used with a hose without it. Please put the foam on the whole car.

The mitt you use is also important. Choose synthetic lambwool or microfiber, especially soft.

Put a grit guard in the bucket. A grit guard is like a drain cover that keeps dirt from falling to the bottom of your bucket. It also prevents it from falling to the bottom of the mitt bucket.

Use two buckets. Soak soap water in one bucket and soak the mitt in it for foaming on the car. Wash the mitt in the other bucket with clean water. Then, return to the bucket containing soapy water, wash the car, wash the mitt with a bucket of clean water, and so on. By doing this, dirt such as sand can be washed away as much as possible.

When you wash your car, start with the roof first and work your way down. The dirtiest part is last.

After finishing this washing process, rinse everything with water. Then wipe it with a dry microfiber towel. The microfiber towel absorbs a lot of water because it is thick. Place a microfiber towel on the car, have it absorb the water, and wipe it gently. We haven't used anything other than microfibers for more than 20 years, as microfibers do not leave traces of wiping.

Finally, use an automotive dryer (blower) for the ultimate finish. This removes the water left on the hinges and the cap of the gas filling port.

Another one. Do not use a drain wiper. No matter how beautiful it looks, it's always a little dirty, so just sliding it on a car will cause minor scratches.

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