Property agent launches real estate crowdfunding service "Rimple"

On February 3, Property Agent announced the real estate crowdfunding service "Rimple" based on the Real Estate Specified Joint Business Act. Released on February 5 and start investor registration.

According to the property agent, an increasing number of individual investors are purchasing small-sized products of a real estate specific joint business using electronic trading business, and although there are many real estate crowdfunding services, a service that can easily apply for smartphones Said that there are still few.

Rimple provides a UI and UX that are easy to use on smartphones, improving convenience. By exchanging "Real Estate Coin" for points issued by other companies, it becomes possible to invest cash in real estate crowdfunding using points such as credit cards.

Currently, we are examining point exchange cooperation with various companies that have a point program, and as the first step, we are examining exchange exchange with Credit Saison's eternal immortal point.

[4] The aim is to encourage more users to form a small amount of money by exchanging and linking with points issued by other companies. With this, the company aims to gain an overwhelming number of members.

Furthermore, the property agent, which focuses on condominium investment in central Tokyo, can invest as little as 10,000 yen per unit in properties carefully selected, so even beginners can easily start real estate investment.

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